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Adventures in building job-free income streams.

Everyday I’m Hustling – Wear It With Pride

Before I went off to Podcast Movement last month, I thought a new hustle-themed t-shirt might serve as a conversation starter.

Hey, for my introverted self, every little bit helps!

So I had one made by CustomInk, with “Everyday I’m Hustling” in script across the chest.
And then a couple interesting things happened.

How to Build a Private Blog Network to Quickly Get to the Top of Google

In the SEO community, private blog networks (PBNs) have been all the rage lately.

The basic premise is this:

You buy up a small portfolio of expired domains that still retain a strong Domain Authority (a Moz metric for estimating a site’s search engine clout), and put links on those sites to your “money” site.

The net effect is 5-10 perceived high value sites linking to your site, which boosts your rankings in Google.

Is WP Engine Worth It? My Experience and Why I Moved On

As the traffic to Side Hustle Nation has grown (over 16,000 visits per month this summer, compared with about 4000 visits per month last summer), I began to get frustrated with the slow load times both for the user-facing site and my admin dashboard.

To be sure, this is a great problem to have.

Since Day 1, the site had been running on a cheap shared hosting account at Web Hosting Buzz. They’re essentially a commoditized hosting provider, and it cost around $70 a year for unlimited sites.

How I Got My First Sale in 6 Different Businesses

One of my favorite questions to ask guests on The Side Hustle Show is how they got their first customer. Because that’s an empowering moment!

So today, I’ll take you through how I got my first customers in a half dozen different business ventures.
This show covers some formative moments in my journey, my struggles with sales, and some of my biggest takeaways from these businesses.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

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