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Adventures in building job-free income streams.

Mechanical Turk Review: How I Made $21,000 a Quarter at a Time

Mike Naab is an analyst, writer and online entrepreneur with a unique, open-to-almost-anyone side hustle: completing tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

Having worked on Amazon Mechanical Turk for 2 and a half years (completely as a side hustle), he’s done over 87,000 tasks (called HITs, or Human Intelligence Tasks).

Mike typically makes anywhere from $150-300/week and has earned over $21,000 in total by doing nothing but working on tasks right from his computer at home.

How to Get Paid to Create Content – Even When You’re Just Starting Out

Want to get paid to create content? Jason Zook is the undisputed king when it comes to sponsored content.

You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. He’s even sold his last name (twice — each for $40k+), formerly going as Jason Surfrapp and Jason Headsetsdotcom.

In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you’re just starting out. I think you’ll like it!

Quarterly Progress Report – Q1 2016

For the past year, I’ve been doing these quarterly progress reports.

Business-wise, the Side Hustle Nation audience has grown, but other projects have taken a back-seat.

I feel like I’ve been in “maintenance mode” for most of the year.

And while happiness is hard to measure, I have to admit it’s gone down since last year. To be sure, there are moments of elation but on average, I’m feeling more stressed, anxious, and tired. Is this the price of parenthood?

Side Hustle Idea Brainstorming: The 7 Rules of Business Idea Generation Plus Live Listener Feedback

In my recent annual member survey, one of the biggest challenges named was coming up with the right side hustle idea.

Over the years, I’ve been on both ends of the idea spectrum: feeling hopeless in search of a business idea, and (more recently) feeling like there are more ideas than I could ever hope to tackle.

Still, if you’re in the brainstorming stage, I think this week’s podcast session with Don “The Idea Guy” Holliday will help.

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