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Adventures in building job-free income streams.

Killing My Baby: Why I Shut Down My Longest-Running Business

This is a tough post to write.

This summer I pulled the plug on ShoeSniper, my original side hustle and my longest running and most successful business.

A moment of silence.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but I was confident it was time to move on. I think this is an important story to share because most of what you read in the entrepreneurship world is about perseverance and “never giving up.”

The Path to $5k a Month Passive Income Sharing What You Already Know

When I asked listeners last month who they’d like to hear on the show, Rob Cubbon is a name that came up from a couple different people.

Rob’s been crushing it lately between is online teaching efforts and his Kindle publishing business, and as luck would have it, is a Side Hustle Show listener himself.

I’ve been following Rob’s blog for some time myself, and have been really impressed with his journey. In fact, it’s pretty inspiring and eye-opening to see some his quarterly income reports, with much of the money coming from Udemy.

5 Surprising Side Hustle Lessons From The Lego Movie

Have you seen The Lego Movie yet? I missed it in the theater but rented it on iTunes a few months ago. Twice.

It’s a good flick, and I’m not just saying that; it’s rated 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But beyond being quality entertainment for the whole family, The Lego Movie packs some important lessons for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are my Top 5.

How a Single Apartment Turned Into a $60,000 a Year Hands-Off Business

Jasper Ribbers is one of the leading experts on building an Airbnb side hustle, having done it himself with his Amsterdam apartment and having co-authored the bestselling book on the topic, Get Paid for Your Pad.

(He also runs a blog and podcast by the same name.)

I was introduced to Jasper by Jesse Krieger (Episode 62, Generating Lifestyle Business Ideas That Work), and grew fascinated by his story. He gets to travel the world while his asset back at home earns roughly $60,000 a year from short-term Airbnb rentals.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I'm an online entrepreneur and lifelong student in the game of business. It's all about the side hustle!

I want to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses or take their side hustles to the next level. Won't you join me in the adventure?

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