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Adventures in building job-free income streams.

I Grew My Twitter Following 10x in a Year. Should Anyone Care?

Around the time I started Side Hustle Nation in the spring of 2013, I had around 200 followers. They were mostly friends or acquaintances, along with some random people.

I didn’t tweet very often or about any particular topic, so there wasn’t much reason for “strangers” to follow me.

This month, my followers grew past 3000.

The rest of this post will cover what I did to grow that following, what impact it’s had on my business, and whether anyone should care.

How Ryan Quit His $50k/year Job to Sell Online Full-Time

In this edition of The Side Hustle Show I’m joined by Ryan Grant, founder of, and a guy who turned his online selling side hustle into a full time gig.

Ryan and I connected on Twitter after I published a post from Travis Scott on how he earns $500 per month with Amazon’s FBA program.

I’m pretty fascinated by this opportunity, but by how smart Amazon is to crowdsource their inventory, and by how real people are making real money with this side hustle.

How Much Is That Spare Bedroom Worth? More Than You Think!

Traditionally, real estate investors don’t live under the same roof as their tenants. However, most don’t consider the income potential that stems from renting out excess space in primary residences.

Whether you’re after short-term or extended-stay renters, this post is intended to get your brain thinking about the pros and cons of becoming a micro-landlord or hosting out-of-town guests.

Aspiring spare bedroom real estate moguls can implement the following tips to best prepare, price, and market their homes and rooms.

Punching Fear in the Face and Escaping Average, with Jon Acuff

Through his best-selling books, Jon Acuff may be one of the most prominent advocates for the side hustle “brand” of entrepreneurship.

Jon’s a sought-after author, speaker, and consultant, with a share of side hustle stories to tell. While some flopped, one was almost an overnight success: his Stuff Christians Like blog. We talk about all that and more during our call.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

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I want to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses or take their side hustles to the next level. Won't you join me in the adventure?

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