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Adventures in building job-free income streams.

Rapid Product Creation, Book Launch Tactics, and Turning a Book into a Business

This may surprise people, but I’m a pretty slow writer.

I have a challenging time writing in “rough draft” mode. You know, where you just brain dump onto the page and clean it up later. That’s one reason I wanted to have Chandler Bolt back on the show; because he’s got a cure for that I’m anxious to try out.

In this episode, we talk about his 3-step writing process to quickly create a new book project, along with Kindle launch tactics for new and aspiring authors.

State of the Nation: Your Chance to Earn a Year of Free Side Hustle Coaching and Support

This month I conducted the first (annual?) Side Hustle Nation member survey, and was grateful to see more than 100 responses!

To incentivize responses, I gave away a free side hustle strategy session and made sure the survey was mobile-ready so it could be done on a phone.

One of the requests projects was a “public coaching” effort, which means I need an audience volunteer. If that sounds like something that would be useful to you, read on.

How Non-Techies Can Build a Passive Software Business

Jon Nastor is lifelong side-hustler, the co-founder of, a pain-free webpage building tool for WordPress that’s grown to hundreds of users, and as a side hustle, he hosts the top-rated Hack the Entrepreneur podcast.

His situation is somewhat unique in the software world in that he’s NOT a coder or a programmer.

Instead, he had an idea of what he wanted to build, from his own frustrations, and set out to find a technical partner to make it a reality.

The Complete Guide to Pricing Your Side Hustle Service

So there I was in my entry-level job earning barely enough to cover car, gas, home, and all the necessary stuff, yet my friends were out 3 nights a week without me.


My income just wasn’t good enough for my lifestyle.

I started coaching youth soccer, pulling from my playing experience (not coaching) from college, and I was getting a side-stream of income.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I'm an online entrepreneur and lifelong student in the game of business. It's all about the side hustle!

I want to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses or take their side hustles to the next level. Won't you join me in the adventure?

You can learn more about me here.

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