Home Improvement for the Not-So-Handyman

Our friends are tackling ambitious projects around their houses; installing flooring, building decks, ripping out walls, remodeling bathrooms, etc.

In a way, I’m impressed by the knowledge, planning, and do-it-yourself-enthusiasm these projects require.

But in another, much more powerful way, it just doesn’t sound like that much fun.

I’m not handy.

Never have been, probably never will be. I had every opportunity to learn — I mean Dad is quite the handyman.

He had every tool imaginable, and used them to remodel the house, fix cars and lawnmowers and sprinkler-systems, and even build a cabin in the mountains.

I didn’t mind helping, but would have had no idea where to start if I was on my own. You would think I’d have picked up at least something through pure osmosis, but not so much.

Sometimes I think my Mechanical Engineer wife is the daughter he never had.

So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to home improvement, I haven’t initiated much work. Plus, it’s tough to find motivation to invest in big capital improvements when your home definitely more than qualifies as “good enough”, and you’re $150k underwater.

That said, I have undertaken a number of home improvement projects even a not-so-handyman could finish.  They are laughably small, and I’m pretty proud of myself, so please enjoy:

Hose Rack (2 screws, 1 nail)

Bike Rack Hanger (1 nail)

Chin-Up Bar (4 screws)

Bird Spikes (2 pieces of floss)

Coat Rack (4 screws)

Beyond that, I’ve installed some weather stripping (no tools), and some towel hooks (2 screws). We’ve also done some painting, hung a mantle and some shelves, and had laminate floors installed by a contractor.

And Bryn Macgyver-ed some mouse-proofing for the kitchen. But that’s about it.

I’d like to think the time not spent at Home Depot was put toward something productive, but we probably just wasted it blogging.

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8 thoughts on “Home Improvement for the Not-So-Handyman

  1. Bird spikes? Do I even want to know? Dad didn’t come handy, you should have seen dad’s first cabinet in Longview. He had a steep learning curve!

  2. I find that I’m probably not the best teacher in the world. I tend to like to hold onto things that I should be training others to do, so don’t feel bad that you didn’t absorb more “handy” from me! Nice work on the small projects you did tackle! You’ve got a plethora of other skills, knowledge and ambition to carry you through.

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