Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply helping other companies sell their products or services online — and getting paid a commission to do so.

I’ve been an affiliate since 2004 and affiliate marketing was the vehicle that let me quit my job. It actually still brings in a majority of my revenue today.

The challenge when it comes to making money as an affiliate is the WHY. Why should someone visit your site? Why should someone purchase through your affiliate link? What unique value are you adding to the equation?

In the case of my original affiliate business,, I was able to save customers money on their next pair of shoes by comparing prices from multiple stores, estimating their tax and shipping, and integrating any available coupons or discounts into the price.

VigLink vs. Skimlinks

VigLink and Skimlinks are two companies that aim to help bloggers and other website owners monetize their content and traffic. They do this by transforming regular outbound links into affiliate links wherever possible. If any sales result from those links, the website owner earns a commission. (Technically, VigLink or Skimlinks earns the commission, which they […]

Check Out My Serious Face

This week I was interviewed and photographed by the San Francisco Chronicle for an article on California’s proposed “Amazon tax.”  Obviously I don’t get a lot of press so I thought it was pretty cool.  Hopefully Gov. Schwarzenegger will veto this bill again if it passes.  The full article is available here. The photographer, realizing […]

The Great Google Smackdown

What Every Google User, Advertiser, and Shareholder Needs to Know Last summer was kind of stressful.  After careful consideration, and 2 years of Internet-business income history, I decided to quit my job (salary, benefits, company car, all gone).  The very next day, Google decided my site was “poor quality” and “irrelevant” — and would no […]