30 Things I Have Learned in My 30 Years

learned over the yearsEducation is a lifelong journey. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up along the way in my 30 years so far. I actually spent an embarrassing amount of time on this list so I hope you enjoy!

  1. No one bats 1.000.
  2. Plane tickets are my favorite things to buy.
  3. Drinking fountains with the right amount of water pressure are hard to find.
  4. You can’t expect to get better without practice.
  5. When it comes to sports, winning is more fun.
  6. But it’s just a game.
  7. Dogs are awesome.
  8. The best way to prevent a hangover is not drinking. The second best way to prevent a hangover is Vitamin B.
  9. Everyone is self-conscious about something.
  10. Millennia of biology aside, babymaking will never be a “rational” decision in the 21st Century.
  11. No matter what you do, some people are just jerks.
  12. It’s OK to marry your high school sweetheart, but there’s no need to rush into things.
  13. Halal cart street food in NY is pretty amazing.
  14. Like a lot of things, eating healthy is easier said than done.
  15. The Bible is metaphor. John 3:16? The way I read it: Be a good person and your legacy will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those you leave behind.
  16. If you “need” a drink after work, you “need” a different job.
  17. If your wife doesn’t make fun of your dancing, you’re not doing it right.
  18. If you speak with confidence and conviction, people will believe you. Unfortunately it works even when it’s BS; politicians are excellent at this.
  19. Time is our most valuable asset, and it’s a uniquely egalitarian asset in that everyone has the same amount each day.
  20. When it comes to people, no matter where you go, we’re more alike than we are different.
  21. The things you own end up owning you.
  22. That said, it’s worth it to splurge for good socks.
  23. Generally speaking, the majority of subject matter in school is silly. Formal education is more about learning how to learn and communicate. Those lifelong skills will always be more important than memorizing passages of Hamlet or writing in cursive.
  24. The sound of snow falling is the best music in the world.
  25. It’s hard to believe, but some people don’t like Jimmy Buffett.
  26. Perfection is the enemy of good enough.
  27. I went into business for the noble purpose of making money. I’ve since learned money only follows value.
  28. In the grand scheme of things, if you’re reading this, you’re probably very fortunate.
  29. It’s OK to not know what you want to be when you grow up.
  30. Whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world.
  31. And a bonus: People love bonuses.

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12 thoughts on “30 Things I Have Learned in My 30 Years

  1. Great list Nick! We indeed feel very fortunate to have made a rational decision to have both you and Chris, and still be able to sit on our balcony in Nazare,Portugal at once horas da noite, sipping port wine. To pass your knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation is a great way to mAke the world a better place, avoiding the mistakes of history. Love to you and Bryn, M&D

  2. This list is crap. Everybody loves Jimmmy Buffett.

    On number 17, I must be a great dancer, my wife laughs at me every time I dance, along with pretty much everybody else!

    Great website, just what I was looking for, keep it up.

  3. I agree with Jim. I feel like I never have enough time in the day. That’s why I need to up my game on my side hustles, right?

    And to #23…ughh… Many years spent there that I’ll never get back. I always thought I had some sort of ADHD. I learned later that I was just bored all the time. It’s hard to be hungry for knowledge when all you’re being fed is [email protected] sandwiches.

    • Hey Josh, I’m with you. The side hustle real life education is probably more valuable — once you’re done working. Until then, employers still place a (perhaps irrational) value on traditional education.

  4. I like this list. I most def agree with number 23. I feel like schools should focus more on trades as something to fall back on then the majority of the crap being spewed from the state.

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