2021 Annual Review and Q3/Q4 Progress Report

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Heyo good people! Whew — it’s 2022!

Three months ago I was still unburying my office and inbox from moving, and as a result skipped my Q3 2021 Progress Report.

So here’s the Q3 / Q4 / Year-End combo edition. In this post I’ll attempt to highlight some of my most important projects and the impact those had on the bottom line.

Quarterly Progress Report – Q2 2021

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Heyo! How’s 2021 treating you far?

Hard to to believe the year’s already half over!

It didn’t feel like I “shipped” a lot in Q2, but we did do some travel and was mostly off with the kids 4-5 days a week, so no complaints there.

Quarterly Progress Report – Q1 2021

skiing selfie

How did the first part of 2021 stack up for you?

Are you better off than you were 3 months ago?

Over here, I’m actually feeling pretty sharp physically and mentally so far this year. I’ve been fired up ever since my “Masterpiece Days” chat with Brian Johnson.

2020 Annual Review and Q4 Progress Report

I don’t think many of us predicted 2020 turning out the way it did, but it wasn’t all bad.

In the spring, I remember wishing for a “fast forward” button, a way to just get beyond the lockdowns, anxiety, and isolation.

But playing ostrich and putting my head in the sand wasn’t really an option — not for my family or my work.

Quarterly Progress Report – Q2 2020

little hustler turned 2

Oh 2020 … I’m somewhere between “when will this year be over??” and “how is it July already??”

We’re still in a semi-strict social distancing protocol here in California. We haven’t seen family or most of our close friends in months.

Playgrounds are closed, as is the zoo and the library. Lots of conversations with our 4-year-old start or end with “when the germs go away.”

Quarterly Progress Report – Q1 2020

hiking with grandma and grandpa

2020 started off so promising! And then around the beginning of March, the wheels started to come off.

And not just for me, but for the broader global economy — thanks in part to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here in California, we’re “sheltering in place” until at least May, meaning no unnecessary trips out of the house. Day to day, that’s not all that much different from my last 11+ years of working from home.

It’s just I’ve got more company these days.

2019 Annual Review and Q4 Progress Report

q4 2019 progress report

Progress report time!

Why go through this exercise?

It’s time to evaluate what happened over the last 3 months (and in this case to look at the year as a whole), to see if you achieved your goals, and to ask if you’re happier or otherwise better off than you were when you started.

So am I?

Q3 2019 Progress Report

teachable challenge

It’s a fun creative challenge to keep coming up with new episode ideas. I’m happy to see a nice little upward trend there in September. 

Compared to last year, the show was up 22% for the quarter.

We’re closing in on 10 million lifetime downloads!

Quarterly Progress Report – Q2 2019

The biggest spike on the chart coincided with publishing this monster 7000-word post on passive income. It was a ton of fun to write and hopefully can be a pillar piece of content for years.

Even though there’s no “hockey stick” growth to report here, one bright spot is an increase in search traffic in June. Organic traffic was up 13% in June compared with May.

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