21: Building a 7-Figure Blog, with Jim Wang

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In Episode 21 of The Side Hustle Show, Jim Wang shares the strategies and tactics he used to take Bargaineering.com from a part-time hobby to a 7-figure business.

In 2010, Jim sold Bargaineering to Bankrate for a reported $3 million, which probably makes him my wealthiest guest so far!

We also discuss how the blogging world has changed since 2005 and what he’s doing differently for his latest project.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Jim got the idea to start Bargaineering.
  • Why he didn’t expect the site to be a source of income.
  • What he did to gain some initial traction and readership.
  • His “epiphany moment” in terms of monetizing the site.
  • Why it was so difficult to quit his job, even though the site was earning 6x more than his salary!
  • The extreme habit it took to build Bargaineering into a major force in the personal finance niche.
  • How building a blog today is different from 2005, and what strategies he’s using for his next project.
  • Jim’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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Be sure to stop by Microblogger and say hi, or reach out to Jim on Twitter and let him know you heard him on The Side Hustle show.

What do you think of blogging as a side hustle? I think a blog can feed a business, but probably won’t be an awesome business all on its own. Let me know!

24 thoughts on “21: Building a 7-Figure Blog, with Jim Wang”

  1. Jim’s story is inspiring. I was blown away about how often he wrote for his blog. It definitely paid off! Now a days it is so much harder to pump out high quality content on your own. I think money can still be made blogging but it takes a lot more effort than years ago. Great interview!

  2. Hi Eartha – I think it takes smarter effort, back in the day you could pump out a ton of content and see what sticks. Now, you need to be far more deliberate because if you throw out a lot of low quality stuff it can hurt you a lot.

    Work smarter, not necessarily longer. :)

    And yes, it’s 100% doable.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I do remember those days. My sister started a food blog recently with her own recipes and great content/photos. It has picked up followers quickly as compared to the blogs I’ve created solely for income purposes.

    It has made me rethink how I want to approach all of my content. I’m learning that it is doable. Thanks for your advice!

  4. Nick – Awesome interview with Jim today. Really cool comparing both 2006 to 2013. Amazing how its really only been a few years and yet so much has changed. Jim’s passion and hustle is inspiring.

  5. Hey Nick, this was a great podcast. It’s awesome that Jim was so consistent and persistent and it resulted in a huge paycheck. It makes you wonder how many 7 figure blogs never happened because the blogger gave up too soon.

  6. Eye Opener For Me that Bargaineering was sold off to Bankrate. But hats off to Jim for taking his blog to a level where it is today, in spite of not being from the finance background. Loved this podcast and few really good takeaways which i myself can implement for some good traction.

    Thanks Nick & Jim,

  7. Nick – found you via Spencer’s podcast. Loved what I heard over there and I’m finally starting to dig into some of your content. I would really like to subscribe to your podcast, but I am having a heck of a time finding it with my Android phone. I use both Stitcher and BeyondPod to listen to podcasts. Any suggestions? I did successfully add you to my Feedly.

  8. Side Hustle SHOW! Got it. I was searching Stitcher for Side Hustle Nation. I’ll stop back and comment after I actually listen to this episode. I’m intrigued. Thanks for gettin back to me.

  9. Nick,
    Fantastic post! I’ve been checking out your content, and have read several posts tonight. I wanted to leave you a comment, and let you know I was here, and enjoyed your work.
    I would like to invite you over to my private FB group for podcasters. Also feel free to check out my blog, which I just got up and going again. Thanks have a great night.

    • Hey Rick, thanks for stopping by! Would love to join your fb group as it’s always great to connect w/ people working through the same challenges. Your site looks like it’s off to a great start!

  10. Okay – I actually listened to this podcast episode with Jim Wang. I’ve heard stories of others, like Jim, who started blogs way before blogs were cool. GetRichSlowly.org comes to mind – and they made a killing when they were able to sell their sites.

    I only wish I knew about the world of blogging and building websites back then. To think of all the time I wasted playing Yahoo Games and online poker when I could have been building something that could later sell for hundreds of thousands, or even millions!

  11. Hey Nick, this is the first time I’ve ever listened to your podcast. This was a great episode with you and Jim.

    I stumbled upon your site by typing in google “Sumome or leadpages” and read your review.

    You have an awesome podcast. I wish I had found out about your podcast earlier.

    I will be listening to your show from now on.

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