41: How to Grow a Passive Income Online

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In Episode 41 of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Montina “Sparkwisdom” Portis, a fellow side hustler (soon to be “retired” from corporate life). She’s an author, coach, and an online entrepreneur.

And she’s kind of a big deal on YouTube.

We talk all about building a platform online, and all the doors that opens up to you. This conversation covers a lot of resources (some linked below), as well as Montina’s unique strategy for re-purposing content and fueling different online platforms and income streams.

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  • Why YouTube is such a powerful medium to build a platform.
  • Montina’s “edutainment” theory of online video.
  • How and why to build an engaged community.
  • Why she says, “there’s no such thing as an overnight success.”
  • Her 2 biggest mistakes.
  • How she’s set up her group coaching business.
  • One unique way the questions from her clients fuel other revenue streams.
  • Montina’s top tips for Side Hustle Nation.


Thanks so much for listening! What do you think about Montina’s tactics and ideas?

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9 thoughts on “41: How to Grow a Passive Income Online”

  1. Thank you for the interview Nick! What a perfect timing too! My final day as an employee after nearly 10 years’ with my company is 3.7.14. Growing a passive income takes work and time yet it is possible! I am now retired and working full-time on my fortune. Thank you!

  2. Hi Nick,

    Great stuff! I’m really interested in the coaching aspect that Montina mentioned in the podcast. Can you put up some resources on how to find coaching resources?

      • Thanks for replying Nick! I’m actually interested in finding coaching and guidance…I’ve been investing in informational products the past 2 years but have made little progress. I’m serious about creating another form of income but I’m having a hard time finding initial success and getting off the ground.

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