146: Growing Your Income Pie: Blogging, Freelancing, and Making Your Own Luck

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I met Lauren Bowling at FinCon in September and was impressed with her “story” and her hustle.

In this conversation she shares the random path she took to starting a blog, and how that turned into a new job and a new side hustle.

Eventually she turned that side hustle into a full-time business, and is now hiring subcontractors to “scale” her operations and add another side hustle project or two into the mix. (She’s got her eyes on the Atlanta real estate market!)

If it sounds familiar to the hustler’s path we’ve heard from several guests, you’ve been paying excellent attention.

It’s all a part of her “income pie,” which she prefers big and diversified. We’re kindred spirits in that way :)

And since this is being published on Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist the pie reference.

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  • How Lauren started her blog and built up her initial traffic and following.
  • How she earns up to $650 per blog post, and the steps new bloggers can take to replicate her model.
  • How Lauren landed her first freelance writing client, and how that ultimately grew into her full-time agency, Beehive Content. (The story is VERY similar to Dayne Shuda’s.)
  • How she priced her services and how her rates have increased over time.
  • Why she’s avoided retainer contracts but still manages to keep long-term clients.
  • How she’s transitioning from hourly pricing to “productized” pricing.
  • Lauren’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


What do you think? I’ll be honest, the sponsored content sounds like a pretty sweet side gig!

4 thoughts on “146: Growing Your Income Pie: Blogging, Freelancing, and Making Your Own Luck”

  1. It always amazes me how merely starting a blog can lead to much bigger things. Obviously it doesn’t always happen, but if you’re smart, determined, and a little lucky, you’d be amazed at what can happen :)

  2. Good morning, Nick. I love your podcasts! I listen to them while I run in the morning, and they are always interesting and serve to motivate me to find my own side hustle. I’ve heard you refer many times to finding “notes” for your podcasts and came here, to blog 146, to get the notes on Lauren’s interview. I can’t seem to find anything but a brief description on what is covered. Do I find notes in another location? Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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