137: Free Press Exposure: Your Fast-Track to Customers and Credibility

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Note: Click here to download Pete’s top tips for earning free press exposure. 

The battle for attention is one that almost all new businesses find themselves mired in. You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, how will you get paid?

If a tree falls in the forest…

You can write the best blog articles, guest pitch big sites, and tweak your SEO until you’re blue in the face, but despite all our new media channels, it’s still hard to trump the pull and power of traditional media.

These broadcast channels (print, online, TV, and radio) are so deeply entrenched they can reach a wide audience in no time, and essentially put your business on the map. Plus, there’s a credibility component that still carries a lot of weight. (That’s why I still have the NY Times logo on my homepage, even though that story ran in 2011.)

But while the exposure can spike your visibility overnight, the features, quotes, and citations are often the result of weeks or months of networking. There’s always an element of being in the right place at the right time.

Some of my press features have come pitching journalists, but more have come from relationships with writers. (And the occasional random connection, like the time an NBC radio DJ bought one of my Fiverr gigs.)

And the cool thing is it snowballs. Once you’re featured, other people are more likely to reach out to you for their stories as well.

In this episode, I’m joined by PR pro Pete Walter, and we discuss how to get your first press coverage for your business — side hustle or not.

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Click here to download Pete’s top tips for earning free press exposure

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  • How to find journalists on a deadline writing about YOUR expertise.
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Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Pete’s top tips for earning free press exposure

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