7: How to Create, Launch, and Sell Your Own Digital Magazine, with Meron Bareket

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meron bareketThis week on the podcast, my guest is Meron Bareket from the Inspiring Innovation magazine and Inspiring Innovation podcast. We talk shop about how to get started with digital periodicals and why they make a great low-risk side hustle.

I love it because it’s a perfect example of a time-leveraged business; each incremental copy you sell costs you nothing to produce.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why the iPad publishing market is so lucrative right now.
  • How to systemize and outsource the production.
  • Where to find affordable, on-demand writing talent to help create content.
  • How a magazine differs from a blog and why you should consider it.
  • How to optimizing your Apple Newstand presence.
  • Meron’s 4 top tips for side hustle entrepreneurs.

Mentioned in this show:

Meron was generous enough to offer Side Hustle Nation a free 3 month subscription (update 2015: no longer in publication) to his magazine so you can see what it’s all about, no strings attached. Here are the instructions on how to redeem:

  1. On your iPad, download the mag by opening this link: http://INmag.co/mag
  2. Download the Inspiring Innovation Magazine app from the AppStore (it’s free)
  3. Once downloaded, open the App (either from the AppStore of from the Newsstand on the home screen)
  4. Once the magazine opens, click on Subscribe. You will be prompted to choose subscription plan. Select “Current Subscribers”.
  5. Put the following code: 3monthspromo and click OK. You’re all done :)

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or find Meron on Twitter.

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