Looking to Make Extra Money? Go Where the Cash is Already Flowing

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If you want to make more money and start a business, go where the cash is already flowing.

That’s the thesis of my latest book project, Buy Buttons.

Through 150+ interviews on The Side Hustle Show, a common theme emerged. Many of the side hustlers and entrepreneurs featured started their businesses by tapping into pre-existing marketplaces.

That way, they were able to get in front of buyers in their natural habitat. Money was already changing hands–the only difference was now it was changing into their hands!

And you can do the same. My new book shows you how.


Buy Buttons shares 300+ apps and marketplaces you can set up your “buy button” on to make it easy for buyers to find you and purchase whatever you have to sell.

And if you’re short on ideas, you’re bound to find something in this extensively researched book. I dive into dozens of examples and case studies of real people like you making it happen.

Some will be familiar faces from the blog and podcast, but they’ve never been compiled in the same place before and united under this common theme.

Grab a copy today for just $0.99 for a limited time!

And if you think it sucks, I’ll gladly buy it off you, no questions asked. Just let me know.

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