42: Niche Down and Dominate

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In Episode 42 of The Side Hustle Show, Alex Harris (aka AlexDesigns) joins me to talk niche service businesses.

He shares how he built his business, AlexDesigns.com, in his spare time, how he landed his first customers, how he scores big name clients, how he prices his services, and how he’s recovering from a Google algorithm update.

This is a packed episode from a former side hustler who’s now a full-time entrepreneur!

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  • Why being super-specific about your niche and your market will actually create more revenue and profit.
  • His “portfolio-building” strategy to get work for big-name clients.
  • The package pricing strategy that takes hours out of the equation.
  • What kept Alex working his day job so long, despite a super-successful side hustle.
  • The strategies he’s using today after the Google Panda update wiped out his organic rankings.
  • What advice he would give to himself 5 years ago.
  • Alex’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.
  • My top 3 online networking tips.


What say you? Would you keep your day job, even if you didn’t “need” the money? Can you implement any of Alex’s strategies in your side hustle?

Let me know in the comments below!

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