90: How Non-Techies Can Build a Passive Software Business

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Jon Nastor is lifelong side-hustler, the co-founder of VelocityPage.com, a pain-free webpage building tool for WordPress that’s grown to hundreds of users, and as a side hustle, he hosts the top-rated Hack the Entrepreneur podcast.

His situation is somewhat unique in the software world in that he’s NOT a coder or a programmer.

Instead, he had an idea of what he wanted to build, from his own frustrations, and set out to find a technical partner to make it a reality.

But instead of asking around his personal network, or going to Elance like I might do, Jon reached out to the very top levels of the platform he wanted his software to complement. (WordPress — another “hack” he shares.)

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Click here to download Jon’s top software business-building tips.

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  • The innovative way Jon approached and partnered with his technical co-founder.
  • How he validated his idea without surveying any customers.
  • How he was able to get the product built without a huge upfront monetary investment.
  • Jon’s take on the value of ideas.
  • What you have to bring to the table as the “non-technical” guy or girl.
  • My idea for a software product, and the next steps I could take to imitate Jon’s strategy.
  • Why Jon swore he’d never build a business without a monthly recurring revenue element, and why he broke that rule with VelocityPage.
  • How the team landed their first customers.
  • How he plans to spend his marketing energy in 2015.
  • Jon’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


“You shouldn’t  create a product before you know exactly how you’re going to sell it.” <– click to tweet!


What do you think? Is there a software product in your future?

Should I give a second thought to “The Um-liminator”? — patent pending :)

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Jon’s top software business-building tips.

2 thoughts on “90: How Non-Techies Can Build a Passive Software Business”

  1. Currently listening to this podcast – downloaded it earlier and took a look at Jon’s product. While it looked over his demo my thought was, “Holy crap! This makes editing WordPress SO much easier!” I’ve used SquareSpace on another site because of it’s ease of use and flexibility. Being newer to WordPress it seems way better with it’s plugin capabilities and open-source-type development, but I’ve been somewhat limited in my ability to adjust the pages. VelocityPage seems to be as easy as SquareSpace in it’s deployment! That’s freakin’ $$$!
    Thank you for introducing me/us to this site and, as always, great interview!

    Re: New podcast image…My favorite color is orange, so… Still, looks great! Can’t wait until next Thursday! #GoHawks!

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