Are Podcast Transcriptions Worth It?

Is it worth it to transcribe your podcast?

That’s a question I’ve been wrestling with, and doing some testing on, so wanted to share my thoughts and results.

First of all, let’s clarify what we’re talking about. A podcast transcription is just the written record of your episode.

There are some distinct perceived advantages of providing transcriptions:

It’s respectful of your followers’ time, when they still want to consume your content but don’t have the 20-45 minutes necessary to listen.

Is Quora a Good Source of Traffic?

I’ve been running a little experiment lately to see if I could generate some traffic from Quora.

Quora is a question and answer site that generally seems to have a higher caliber of participants than say, Yahoo Answers.

My idea was to find questions related to side hustling, drop in a helpful answer and a relevant link, and see if the traffic flowed back to

The Cold Shower Challenge

For the last 2 months, I’ve only taken cold showers.


Because Nick Reese challenged me to do it when we recorded last week’s podcast session back in March, and now I’m afraid if I break the streak I won’t want to start again.

Bryn and my friends think I’m crazy. They’re probably right.

But call it a coincidence — things have been going pretty well since I turned on that cold water!

50: What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs

The best thing about starting a podcast is the excuse to talk to awesome and inspiring people on a weekly basis.

I’ve learned so much from The Side Hustle Show guests over the past year, I thought it would be an appropriate time to recap some of their shared wisdom, how I’ve applied it to my own projects, and how you can apply it to yours.

This is episode 50 — the big 5-0, and it’s also my first-ever attempt at a solo show.

Blogging vs. Podcasting: A 1-Year Case Study

Heyo! Side Hustle Nation is a year old, and you know what that means?

Time to share the results of my first “serious” attempt at building something more than just a personal blog.

And, for the sake of comparison, I’ll share the results alongside those of The Side Hustle Show podcast to see which has been the more effective way of reaching new people and spreading the side hustle goodness.

38: Flipping Websites for Fun and Profit

Fellow side hustler Freddie Mixell from joins me on Episode 38 of The Side Hustle Show to discuss how to flip digital real estate assets. We cover the criteria to build an income-producing website from scratch, what buyers are looking for, and how to use this strategy to accelerate your side hustle earnings.

Freddie shares how to find profitable niches, avoid “webmaster welfare” aka AdSense, and maximize profit when it’s time to sell.

The Side Hustle Show: The Business Podcast You Can Actually Apply

Tune in. Take Action. Make Money. Join 100,000+ listeners. Because Your 9-5 May Make You a Living, But Your 5-9 Makes You Alive! What’s Inside? The Side Hustle Show is a top-rated podcast featuring the ideas, actions, and results you need to start and grow a successful business. Put a little hustle in your earbuds … Read more

27: Outsourcing for Side Hustlers

In Episode 27 of The Side Hustle Show, Jonathan Shank and I geek out over outsourcing, microsourcing, and crowdsourcing for side hustlers. This is an action-packed episode with some high-value takeaways for everyone looking to get started with outsourcing. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! … Read more

The Outsourced Writing Experiment

For my latest book project, I had this wonderful idea that if I could get someone else to do the writing, I could get it to market faster. I was super busy and eager to expand my self-publishing efforts. The Idea You may have heard the stories of successful Kindle authors who actually use ghostwriters … Read more

25: How to Create a Profitable Online Course, with Vasavi Kumar

Episode 25 — we made it to the quarter-century mark! Learn how to create valuable and profitable time-leveraged online courses utilizing the skills and experience you already have. Vasavi Kumar, a certified life coach, shares her transition from a one-to-one business model to a one-to-many model that funds her lifestyle and freedom. This is a … Read more

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