109: Public Coaching Update: Rejected by the App Store!

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Where we left off with Wellington, he was facing some quality control challenges with his app developer in building the Getaway Geek travel hacking app.

There was some back-and-forth after some testing and a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed. Since we spoke, those had been reasonably buttoned up and Wellington submitted the app to the App Store for approval.

Unfortunately, it’s been rejected … 3 different times.

From what I can gather, it’s an incredibly frustrating process, because it can take 7-10 days to get an answer, and when you do, they just give some vague reason like “there were bugs in both cellular data and WiFi mode.”

Ugh, not helpful!

So it’s back to the developer to fix these mystery bugs.

To make matters worse, Wellington also broke a bone in his foot and is now hobbling around on crutches. This injury put a damper on his plans to demo the app at a local travel hackers meetup.

I’ve had my share of frustrating developer experiences, but in my case I also wasn’t at the whim of a third-party approval process. To that end, we also discuss the possibility of transforming the mobile app into a web app, if some of the functionality could be preserved.

That way, you don’t have to worry about what Apple’s reviewers think, you can reach a wider audience (everyone is online but not everyone is on iOS), and potentially validate the business prospects faster.

What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any feedback for Wellington.

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In this call we focus on:

  • The wins of the business over the past few weeks, including forming a mastermind group with like-minded peers.
  • Accountability for the previous goals he set.
  • Some listener feedback and suggestions.
  • The challenges that are going on to move this thing forward.
  • What recourse he has with his developer.
  • Continuing to gain clarity and focus on his renovation SaaS idea, including where to find target customers for idea extraction.
  • Goals for next time.

Links mentioned:

Wellington’s goals for the next 2 weeks:

  • Get the travel hacking app approved.
  • Get the GetawayGeek website live.
  • Talk to some contractors and real estate investors about how they’re estimating repair and renovation costs, ie. what tools they’re currently using and what sucks about them.

This is a difficult one, but I think it shows the true struggle in shipping a product and finding great outsourced help, even for someone with a ton of experience in working with contractors.

And if nothing else, it’s made me NOT want to build an app.

What do you think? If you have feedback based on this conversation or others in the public coaching series, please be sure to leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “109: Public Coaching Update: Rejected by the App Store!”

  1. Nick, this app deal is 100% out of my wheel house BUT….from the mental aspect of things, all of my wildly successful, most prospering ideas ran up against a ton of resistance, or involved a huge release before I moved forward. Not sure if Wellington needs to let this go or proceed; he should sit in a quiet room for like 25 minutes, relaxed, and let his intuition tell him Yes or No. Works for me lol….


  2. Hey! I am a long time lurker on Side Hustle Nation. (In fact, the way I came here originally was through a google search for virtual assistants)

    It sounds like Wellington needs “a win” at this point in the game. Perhaps he should take his App that has been rejected from the Apple App Store and cut it down drastically to a very simple version (even if it does not have all of the functionality of the “dream version”). THEN, he can roll out upgrades with more and more features with subsequent upgrades. Each revision still requires review by Apple, but at least it would be easier to get SOMETHING up on the App store!
    Super excited to see where Wellington takes this App.
    Thanks Nick for these awesome public coaching updates, I listen to them as soon as they list on Stitcher!

  3. Another great podcast.
    What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I would consider Wellington’s current struggles just minor bumps on the road to success. I like how he has branch out and created a mastermind group.
    Nick, once again, great podcast, and please forward my contact info to Wellington.

  4. Wellington — Don’t give up on the app, at least not yet. But you should set an end time for yourself — at what date in the future will you let go and stop working on this idea? It could be 3 months from now or one year from now, but decide and be specific. Ironically, setting an end date frees you, relaxes you about the outcome.

    As for the renovation estimator idea: I love it! I don’t have a house, but I watch a lot of home renovation shows, and there are so many home owners who have no idea what a particular renovation should cost. They choose the lowest bid and then get screwed. Mike Holmes might run out of homeowners to save if your estimator became available to them.

    Marketing that estimator tool to investors, contractors, homeowners — these 3 target markets are not mutually exclusive. Don’t feel you have to choose just one. You just have to do one at a time. Three different markets will need 3 different marketing messages, strategies. Start with contractors since you already have intimate knowledge of that market — you know who they are, where to find them, what they need.

    As for how to do the research and what to ask the contractors you approach: Do you know the work of Dane Maxwell and The Foundation? Listen to the Smart Passive Income podcast episode 46 if you don’t. In the episode, Dane actually gives you the questions to ask and walks you through the process of building a tech solution to a customer’s problem. He calls is “software as a service.”

    Good luck! And make sure you take a few days off to relax. That’s when the best ideas hit. :)

  5. Hey Wellington & Nick, Thanks for answering my question. I didn’t realize that there was that much time while waiting for the app store evaluation!

    One tip on software – your tester shouldn’t be your developer. There is a conflict of interest. I bet you can hire a tester that specializes in being accepted into the app store with the money you saved on that developer.

    Think of it as a balance of powers. In big software projects, you have several testing groups so some people focus on integrating systems, performance, user experience, and so on…

    Keep on working through it! It seems like you are close!!

    Hope your foot feels better soon.

  6. I think real estate agents need this. They often cannot convince buyers to get a house because they only see the ugly. Or they think – it would cost too much to fix this up. But with this app, they could show the potential buyers how potentially cheap it would be to fix it. I think marketing to realtors is a good option. They all talk and would recommend it to their other realtors. A broker may require it of their realtors since it really could increase sales.

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