Salomon Laces Broke? Here’s How to Fix Them

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I got a pair of Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra trail running shoes a few years ago, and they’re super-comfortable. Lately I’ve been putting a ton of miles on them on my treadmill desk, so I was pretty bummed when the laces broke on one of them.

The laces are really thin so it makes sense they might be a weak point on the shoes. My first couple attempts of tying the two ends back together didn’t last more than a few hundred yards.

I learned that REI sells a Salomon replacement lace kit (apparently this is a common problem!).

Salomon Kevlar Replacement Laces 2 Kit

But after reading some accounts of frustrated customers, I thought I’d try one last DIY effort.

I tied the best square knot of my life, pulled it tight with my teeth, and then grabbed a lighter and fused that knot together.

Really felt like I was making good use of some boy scout skills.

And so far, it’s held up for about 10 miles. So if your Salomon laces broke, try this method first to give your shoes some extra life.

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