107: Side Hustle Coaching: The Sales Process and Delivering the Goods

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In today’s installment of my public coaching series I’m catching up with Kathryn, who’s starting a gluten free baked goods business out of her home in Portland Oregon.

When we last spoke, she’d just landed her first customer and sold her first $20 worth of product. Now she’s up to two recurring clients and is also contracting to make gluten-free granola for one of her customers.

She estimates she’s now averaging $60 a week, or around $250 a month, a healthy first-step toward her goal of $1500 a month and leasing time and space in the commercial kitchen.

Kathryn also just changed jobs at her 9-5, which ended up being a great move because her previous company ended up shutting down her office completely. She’s been a little pressed for time in learning a new software system and getting up to speed with her new employer, but it sounds like it’s a much better position for her financially and in terms of stability.

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In this call we focus on:

  • The wins of the business over the past few weeks.
  • Accountability for the previous goals she set.
  • Some listener feedback and suggestions.
  • The challenges that are going on to move this thing to the next level.
  • The sales process.
  • Some online opportunities to explore.

And finally, we wrap it up with an accountability portion for what needs to get done before our next meeting.

Kathryn’s goals for the next 2 weeks:

  • Find 2 more small coffee shop customers.
  • Figure out insurance / liability issue.
  • Figure out packaging solution.
  • Touch base / close loop for now with Dutch Bros. account.

This is a great exploration in selling. Kathryn’s soundbite was “Do I have the thing they need that helps them?”

She goes into the immense value she’s received in just a few short weeks by talking to her target customers one-on-one, hearing their feedback and their questions. She understands it will take multiple touch-points to make a deal, and shared a lesson she received from a previous boss, that the hardest-to-get customers are often the best — because they’ll be equally hard for your competitors to get in.

If you have any feedback for Kathryn based on this call, please leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “107: Side Hustle Coaching: The Sales Process and Delivering the Goods”

  1. Nick! I’ve been meaning to comment on this podcast as some as I heard it to reach out and lend a hand if I can. This story sounds so familiar to me as I recently started a new hustle related to the food industry, CRFT Juice (juicing business). I have come across some of the same problems as Kathryn and have found some solicitations and would like to help with any questions she or you may have if I could. here’s the most active social media I have https://instagram.com/crftjuice/ and an online order form I’ve been playing with http://www.jotform.us/CrftJuice/order its free for your first 10 online orders per month and easy to set up.

  2. Has there been any thought to tackling the consumer. The parents of one my players now work out of a commercial kitchen. However, she got her start going to farmer’s markets and selling directly to the public (some local coffee shop owners and other potential business partners might be there as well).

    I believe she was selling what she brought as well as taking orders for the following weekend.

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