44: Side Hustling Hard, Even with a Dream Job

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In Episode 44 of The Side Hustle Show I’m joined by James Swanwick, an anchor on ESPN’s SportsCenter but also a super-busy side-hustler.

I was intrigued by his story because by all accounts — even his own — he’s got the dream job! I mean who wouldn’t love working for ESPN?

Why would someone like James still be all about the side hustle? He’s got several projects going on outside of work, including a book called Insider Journalism Secrets and a membership website.

Definitely an interesting one to tune into.

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Alex Genadinik of Problemio.com (and episode 3 of The Side Hustle Show).

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  • How James got hired by ESPN.
  • What the “salary ceiling” is and how it kept him motivated to exercise his entrepreneurial muscles.
  • How he created his first product in just 10 days, with an initial investment of $200.
  • Why his early attempts to sell it didn’t really ring the cash register, and the strategic shift that changed everything.
  • Why James loves email unsubscribes, and the change he implemented in his autoresponder strategy.
  • The unique sales funnels that feed his new membership site.
  • Why he credits an investment in coaching and mentorship as the best dollars a beginner can spend.
  • James’ #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

dream job salary ceiling


What do you guys think? Would you keep hustling even if you scored your dream job?

2 thoughts on “44: Side Hustling Hard, Even with a Dream Job”

  1. Great interview! Thanks so much for the info and inspiration. Wondering how many members are in the paid membership site, Alpha Male Club?
    Hearing concrete details like these are why Nick’s interviews are my favorite.

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