The 10 Side Hustle Commandments – Are You On Board?

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thou-shalt-hustleA few rules to live by for Side Hustle Nation.

1. Thou Shalt Hustle

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
Real businesses (even part-time ones) take real work.
If you know a legit get-rich-scheme, let me know.

2. Thou Shalt Keep an Open Mind

There’s no “best” side hustle business.
Sometimes opportunity comes when you least expect it.
Learning new skills and strategies is part of the challenge.

3. Thou Shalt Experiment

Try your ideas.
Some will fail; that’s OK.
Try again, applying what you learned.

4. Thou Shalt Bootstrap

Start small.
Be lean.
Don’t make a bet you can’t afford to lose.

5. Thou Shalt Make Meaning (and money)

Do something you find fulfilling.
Deliver value to your customers.
Get paid.

6. Thou Shalt Ship

Perfection is the enemy of good enough.
The timing will never be “just right.”
Launch, get feedback, improve, repeat.

7. Thou Shalt Keep Your Goals in Mind

Remember what you’re working for.
Make progress everyday.
It’s worth it.

8. Thou Shalt Support Other Side Hustlers

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road.
The journey is better together.
We’re all chasing the same freedom.

9. Thou Shalt Take Time for Yourself

Schedule creative time.

10. Thou Shalt Have Fun

It’s just a game.
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Make something happen.

Are you on board?

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  1. Hey Nick,

    Great break down of being a true entrepreneur. This is a great list to follow to make the best out of your “hustle”. There’s not just one that stick out for me, but I make a strong effort to follow them! Thanks for sharing!

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