The Day the NFL Called: My Food-Tasting Side Hustle

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The National Food Lab is a company that conducts market research for food companies before they release new products. Their office is close to home so I’ve signed up to be a paid taste tester. They’ve called a few times but for one reason or another I never qualified.

Until last week.

The study was on new sandwich spreads that I guess are intended to compete with mayonnaise and mustard. I don’t know what company is researching this new market opportunity, but they had flavors like garlic-parmesan, bbq-bacon, sundried tomato, and pesto.

The pesto one was pretty good, the rest kind of gross.

I’m curious to see if any of these products get the go ahead for launch and start showing up in the grocery store!

I participated in a similar study in Atlanta on Miller Chill before it came out. Funny story about how I was recruited for that test. Middle-aged black woman is wandering the parking lot at my condo complex.

Her: “Excuse me, how old are you?”

Me: “Um 24. Why?”

Her: “We need white men for this paid study on beer.”

Me: “Get paid to drink beer?  I’m in.  And yes I can bring some more white friends.”

Apparently she was having trouble finding white guys in the ATL! Very strange. It turns out she got paid like $10 or $15 for every person she brought in for the study. Interesting job. We ended up getting $60 or $70 for our beer drinking trouble. Anytime.

For this sandwich spread test I got $30 for about an hour’s worth of time. Not an amazing hourly wage but pretty darn good for the work involved.

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4 thoughts on “The Day the NFL Called: My Food-Tasting Side Hustle

  1. I HATE mayo, and so would’ve been happy to be paid to help judge for a substitute.

    I also would’ve paid to get see you on video when you found out your keys were in a locked car……

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