Why are Costco Egg Whites Yellow?

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This post compares Costco’s egg whites with Papetti Foods’.

The Costco offering is called Kirkland Signature Real Egg “Product.” Any time I see “product” where there should be no word at all, I get kind of suspicious.

Kind of like how Velveeta is a real cheese “product.”

Generalizing here, but foods manufactured by nature — good. Foods manufactured elsewhere — not so much.

Blah blah blah In Defense of Food, etc.

OK back to the Costco real egg “product.” “Made with 99% Pure Egg Whites,” the container says.

Ingredients: Egg whites (99%), Less than 1%: natural flavor, color (includes beta carotene), spices, guar gum, xantham gum, salt, onion powder.

Per 4 oz serving:

  • 60 Calories
  • 0 Fat
  • 12 g Protein
  • 240 mg Sodium

Let’s compare to the Papetti Foods Quick Whites 100% Liquid Egg Whites.

Ingredients: 100% liquid egg whites.

Per 4 oz serving:

  • 66 Calories
  • 0 Fat
  • 13 g Protein
  • 200 mg Sodium

But how do they look?

egg whites

These sure don’t look like foods that are supposedly 99% identical!

For the sake of comparison, here are 2 color swaths that are 99% the same:

99 percent same

Indiscernible, right?

In fairness to Costco, Scientific American explains we share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees, yet obviously look very different.


Costco, how much more expensive can that last 1% be? Your customers won’t care.

Cut that other garbage out. Nobody wants gum in their eggs.

Why do I know this? I’ve been eating a lot of eggs and egg whites the last couple years. Since that post I’ve cut out the turkey bacon and added half an avocado. Always, always avocado. Plus lately the eggs are super good with cumin and garlic powder, a little idea I learned from the 4-Hour Chef.

Do you subscribe to whole food theory? In this context, that would mean eating just egg whites is sacrilege because nature designed the egg as one complete unit. Betcha don’t eat the shell though!

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7 thoughts on “Why are Costco Egg Whites Yellow?

  1. you’ll be happy to know that they know longer carry that egg product stuff, and actually sell 100% egg whites. if memory serves me right, i think they come from free range eggs too.

  2. Thanks LOADS for your article. The Costco “Egg product” you have such disdain for looked and tasted great, and made eating egg whites palatable. Probably due to criticism of the product from people like you, all Costco carries now is 100% pure egg whites just like the product you approve of. Only problem: the pure egg white product is watery, flavorless, completely unpalatable, and hard to use in recipes due to its lack of any consistency beyond water. YUCK! I’ve reverted to using whole eggs, or at least 1 whole egg for every 2 whites. I have congenitally high cholesterol, so using any yolk at all isn’t good for me, but I refuse to choke down the nasty stuff that’s available at Costco now. Oh by the way…FYI…there was absolutely nothing wrong in having a product that contained less than 1% total of natural flavor, color (includes beta carotene), spices, guar gum, xantham gum, salt, and onion powder combined. The “gums” you refer to are simply nutritional thickening agents that are used in many healthy foods to achieve desired consistency – including gluten-free recipes – in MUCH larger quantities than 1%. What exactly do you find wrong with beta carotene? Or onion powder? Or a negligible amount of salt in a product that will have salt added to it by the consumer anyway? This is an example of how a little ignorance can go a long way in causing unintended damage to people. Your ignorance has caused me to revert to eating egg yolks more often than I should, so THANKS.

  3. I liked the real egg product better due the texture. They did add beta carotene coloring and vitamins. Guar gum comes from legumes and xanthan gum from a bacterial culture and fermentation. I like the thickening of the egg whites, now I have to buy another product. If I wanted egg whites I would just separate the yolks from regular eggs.

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