118: Yes without Regret; No without Guilt; Maybe without a Doubt

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Can I make a confession? I’m a little indecisive.

Maybe more than a little.

Bryn calls me slow. (I prefer “methodical.”)

This episode is about making decisions — or not making them — without regret, guilt, or doubt. It’s just me on the mic and it may be a good companion show to Essentialism and Finding Your ONE Thing from February.

Have you heard the quote, “If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO!”? I believe this is attributed to Derek Sivers, and actually is a pretty handy decision-making tool.

But there’s a paradox; at some point you’ve got to say YES to something new or you’ll always be stuck in the same path. What if you sit around waiting for a HELL YES that never comes?

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In this episode I cover:

  • The side effects of YES.
  • Some decisions I’ve said YES to but have come to regret. (Some very expensive mistakes.)
  • Yeses I never regret.
  • How the Side Hustle Shih Tzu came into our lives.
  • A couple questions to ask before you say yes.
  • Why FOMO is universal and why JOMO is BS.
  • Some things I had guilt over saying NO to.
  • How to re-position NO to reaffirm your YES and kill the guilt.
  • How “optional obligations” creep into our lives and how to spot them.
  • Questions to consider before saying NO.
  • When MAYBE makes the most sense.

Your Turn + A Free Giveaway

What can you say NO to without guilt? What “optional obligations” can you omit from your day?

What can you say yes to that will bring you more joy, excitement, happiness, results, wealth, or whatever else it is you’re after?

Let me know in the comments below for a chance to win a copy of So Good They Can’t Ignore You. This book was gifted to me so gotta pay it forward.

Get your answer in by July 3rd for a chance to win.

8 thoughts on “118: Yes without Regret; No without Guilt; Maybe without a Doubt”

  1. How’s it going Nick:) For the last few months I’ve gotta say my focus has suprisingly increased with intensity. I have 2 websites and outside of my day job..these two creations are my entire an just about only focus. I say no to most people places an things that are outside of my Internet pursuits. An so I said all that to say that I’ve even gone without “physical pleasures”..lol for at least ten months because it derails my focus.

    Whats even more intetesting than that is just a few moments ago before listening to your upload..I told a “sure thing” lol..(involving a lady)that I had to focus on my work and would have to see her another time..lol. I thought that was pretty interesting that even when the ultimate temptation throws itself at me with pictures an everything..I still stood firm on what’s important to me..at this time in my life :) Thanks for letting me share

  2. YES with no regret: Talking to people who have big problems that need to be solved.

    NO without guilt: Not paying for that extra cup of coffee to get work done. Mandating 6+ hours of sleep.

  3. No without guilt to my 11 year long high paid and miserable corporate career working for investment banks. Yes without regret to quitting it, taking a year off and figuring out ways to become my own boss. I’m relatively new to your site Nick (having come across you in Jyotsna’s book which I loved) and I just want to say I’m a big fan of your work. I love listening to the podcasts – they’re my favourite bit. Keep going! I’m looking forward to drawing much inspiration from your words during my year off!

  4. This was a much needed message!

    I have no specifics but just a general saying yes to all things that will directly help you with your “trajectory”. As in, the things that will help you make more money, more time with family, or whatever your exact goals are.

    So that makes it easy to say no then too right? If they’re not exactly in line with your goals, then say no.

    The key I suppose then is making sure you have your goals and actions crystal clear.

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