335: The 6-Figure Pivot: How Shifting Your Customer Can Dramatically Shift Your Results

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He’d just gained 3000 subscribers and made $8000 in a matter of days, but Chris Ritter’s first virtual summit didn’t deliver the result was looking for.

As a personal trainer for swimmers, he was looking for more clients to coach online.

Not a single one signed up.

Still, the summit was a serious turning point in his business–one that turned into a 6-figure side project in its first year. He started serving an entirely different set of customers, and went from working one-on-one to one-to-many.

His multi-year journey includes in-person personal training, seeking online clients, writing blog posts, selling an e-book, hosting a hit virtual summit, and more.

Listen in because you’ll pick up some tactics and ideas you can apply to your own side hustle as this is one that’s ripe for replication across different niches.

It’s a story about leveling up your reach and impact and income, and evidence that opportunities start to appear once you’re in motion.

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Click here to download Chris’ top tips from this episode.

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  • How Chris landed his first online training client.
  • The business ideas he tried (and failed with) before finding success.
  • How he organized and promoted the first annual virtual Global Swimming Summit.
  • The tools he used to build his membership area and maintain his email list.
  • How he structures his show so he’s never short on content ideas.
  • What’s next for Chris and his podcast.
  • Chris’ #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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