Rental Arbitrage: How I Made $700k Last Year Renting Out Other People’s Properties

Making money in real estate typically requires owning the property, right?

Coming up with a large down payment, securing financing, dealing with tenants, handling maintenance and repairs. The barriers to entry aren’t exactly low.

But what if you could skip all that and still bring in serious cash flow by renting out apartments and homes without buying them?

When Richie Matthews and his wife were looking to supplement their seasonal events business in late 2019, rental arbitrage seemed like an ideal side hustle.

Little did they know that just a few months later, that tiny side hustle would quickly scale into a business managing 60 units and generating over $2.5 million in revenue and $700k in profits. He now runs his company,

HealthyWage Review: Get Paid Up to $10,000 to Lose Weight

Have you ever tried to get healthier and lose weight, but lost motivation before reaching your goals?

Perhaps you’ve gone as far as buying a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment only for them go unused after your initial commitment.

But what if you could lose weight and make money doing it? Would that be enough motivation to stick with your exercise and diet regimen?

10 Creative Side Hustles that Make Real Money – Part 6

It’s that time of year again—Thanksgiving!

Since 2018, I’ve celebrated the holiday with an annual roundup of some of the most creative, outside-the-box side hustle ideas and stories that have come across my desk.

These unique money-making side hustles stand out not just for their ingenuity but for the impressive income generated by ordinary people putting their skills, passions, and sheer determination to work.

18 Best Tech Side Hustles To Earn Make Money in Your Spare Time ($500+/mo)

promptbase tech side hustle

What are the best side hustles for tech workers?

If you’re looking to translate your in-demand skills into an extra income stream, you’re in the right place.

Even though tech workers earn a 6-figure salary (on average), a side hustle can still be a way to boost your savings, improve cash flow, or pay down debt.

31 Passive Income Ideas To Stop Trading Time for Money in 2023

passive income ideas

I set out to write the best damn passive income ideas post on the Internet.

Because here’s the thing. Most “passive income” list posts just repeat the same boilerplate ideas–open a high interest savings account, for example.

And yes, that will earn you a small amount of passive income (and I’ll certainly mention it as an option below), but my guess is you’re looking for something a little more substantial.

Monetize Your Curiosity: $80k in Revenue for a Part-Time Vertical Farming Podcast

Turn your curiosity into a thriving business!

When Harry Duran launched the Vertical Farming Podcast in 2020, he had zero experience or connections in the industry. Yet through strategic partnerships and consistency, he has established himself as a leading voice in this emerging space.

Fast forward just over three years later, the show generates over $80,000 in annual revenue. Harry is now seen as a leading authority in the space.

His show generates thousands in sponsorship revenue from companies eager to get in front of this highly targeted audience.

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