Q3 2019 Progress Report

teachable challenge

It’s a fun creative challenge to keep coming up with new episode ideas. I’m happy to see a nice little upward trend there in September. 

Compared to last year, the show was up 22% for the quarter.

We’re closing in on 10 million lifetime downloads!

Register Your Business? 10 Ways to Make Your Side Hustle Feel More Official

Before we begin, I should note that the single BEST way to make your side hustle feel official is to get paid. Go sell something, seriously.

But I also understand that many people — myself include — often want some level of “establishment” before they feel comfortable saying they’re open for business.

I opened my first LLC while I was still in college and really had no idea what I needed it for. But it felt good, and if I’m being honest, made me feel smart and important too. And later I got plenty of use out of it.

37 Things I Have Learned in My 37 Years

things learned 2019

I wish I was half as smart now as I was at 16!

But learning everything you don’t know is part of the process.

One thing I love about my work is I feel like I learn new things every day. Sometimes they’re small little tweaks and hacks, and other times they’re broader strategies or ideas.

I originally drafted this list 7 years ago, after my 30th birthday, but decided it was due for an update.

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