31 Passive Income Ideas To Stop Trading Time for Money in 2024

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I set out to write the best damn passive income ideas post on the Internet.

Because here’s the thing…

Most “passive income ideas” posts just repeat the same boilerplate ideas—open a high interest savings account, for example.

And yes, that will earn you a small amount of passive income, but my guess is you’re looking for something a little more substantial.

In this post, I’ll:

  • Share my own actual passive income streams.
  • Present other legit passive income ideas you can take action on today—and back those up with real-life examples.
  • Break down the 4 types of passive income and why it’s so important to start building today.


Let’s dive in.

passive income ideas

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1. Earn Affiliate Commissions

I got my start in affiliate marketing back in 2004, and it’s been a significant piece of my revenue pie ever since.

How affiliate marketing works is I earn a commission for referring leads and customers to other products and services.

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My first affiliate business was a comparison shopping site for footwear. It helped people find the best price on their next pair of shoes, and earned commissions from Zappos and other retailers when people made a purchase.

Once the site was built, I earned these commissions whether or not I was actively sitting at the computer.

Even today, affiliate marketing is a really important revenue stream for me.

This site (and yes, this post too) includes lots of affiliate links to products, apps, services, and software I think will be helpful to my audience.

daily affiliate commissions semi-passive income

Here’s an (over-the-top) example of a post monetized with affiliate links. Still, over its lifespan, it’s generated over $40,000 in commissions. From one post!

2. Write a Book

It’s never been easier to create a book of your own and put it up for sale on Amazon.

I received my first author royalties in 2012 and have added several more titles since then.

It’s one of my favorite side hustles and one of my most passive income streams. Write the book once and collect royalties for months or even years whenever it sells!

Over my lifetime as a professional self-published author, my books have earned over $75,000.

self-publishing side hustle income

When you price your book between $2.99 and $9.99, you’ll earn a 70% royalty. Outside of that range, it’s 35%.  You can get the most up-to-date royalty info here.

For every Kindle book you write, it probably makes sense to add paperback and audiobook editions. Thankfully, Amazon makes this incredibly easy with its KDP Print service and ACX, the Audiobook Creation Exchange.

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3. Buy Dividend-Paying Stocks

Investing for dividend cash flow has helped me get off the sidelines and into the market. (I’m the person who always thinks we’re due for a correction!)

My basic strategy has been to buy shares in companies with long histories of paying—and increasing—dividends. These include name-brand businesses like Target, Chevron, AT&T, and Proctor and Gamble.

These “boring” old companies aren’t likely to have explosive share price growth, but they do spin off consistent passive cash flow.

passive income from dividends

Over the last few years, I’ve slowly built this up to over $2,000 a month.

Check out a service like the modern brokerage M1 Finance to get started yourself.

m1 finance

You can trade stocks for free, or select one of their pre-built portfolios. 

Check Out M1Finance
M1: Powerful, automated tools for investing for the long-term

Sophisticated wealth building, simplified.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

4. Sell an Online Course

In 2014, I created an online video course on Udemy about how to launch non-fiction Kindle books on Amazon.

It earned $3500 in the first couple of months and has gone on to earn passive sales ever since.

The total is now over $27,000!

passive income from udemy

All I have to do is respond to the (pretty infrequent) student questions or comments.

Again, this falls under the model of “create something once, and sell it over and over again.”

What could you teach? Consider what people already ask you for help with. What do you know more about than the average person?

With services like Teachable, it’s never been easier to create and sell an online course of your own. These can command premium prices ($100-$2000 or more) and allow you to help more people than you could with one-on-one consulting.

Over the years on The Side Hustle Show, we’ve seen people making money with online courses on just about every topic imaginable. Some of the more creative case studies include:

How will customers find you? If you don’t have an audience, one method to try is the YouTube-to-evergreen-webinar model, as described by Nate Dodson in this episode.

5. Buy Part of a Rental House

Arrived specializes in matching investors with truly passive rental properties across the country.

The site allows you to buy shares in houses for as little as $100, and earn monthly cash-flow from the rent payments.

arrived real estate

6. Collect Ad Money from YouTube

If you have over 1000 subscribers and meet a couple other requirements on your YouTube channel, you can enable ads and start to get paid.

Lately this passive income steam has been around $400 a month:

youtube ad income

To be sure, it takes time to create the videos, but once they’re uploaded, they can earn passive income for years—as some of mine have.

Suggested Playlist: Make Money Online

Here are some creative and inspiring ways you can make money online.

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7. Sell Printables

I believe allocating some of your time to “passive income” pursuits is incredibly valuable. When the assets you build start paying off, you can slowly taper off trading time for money.

One of those is passive income ideas is selling printables through a platform like Etsy. Side Hustle Show guest Rachel Jones reported selling up to $10,000 a month worth of these digital files!

(Think meal planners, intake forms, chore charts, budgeting templates, etc.)

etsy printables

Here’s the online course Rachel credited with helping her get started.

8. Let Banks Give You Free Money

Credit card rewards are one my favorite passive income ideas because I earn them just from spending money like I normally would.

In our house, this stream is worth hundreds of dollars a year in the form of cash back, free Amazon gift cards, and travel.

The magic really happens when you take advantage of certain sign-up bonuses for new cards. You can earn the equivalent of 20%, 30%, 40% cash back or more in travel value or statement credit.

Here’s just a really simple example:

Credit cards like the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card offer a $200 sign-up bonus after you spend $500 in your first 3 months — with no annual fee. That's up to 40% cash back!

capital one quicksilver

Learn more here.

If you know you’re gonna spend $500 in the next 3 months, that’s #freemoney. This card also gives you one of the highest cash back rates, with unlimited 1.5% back on every dollar you spend.

Related: Credit Card Rewards 101: How to Earn Free Cash and Travel by Spending Smarter

9. Get Easy Cash Back

Aside from credit card rewards, I use several cash back apps to earn “reverse passive income” every time I shop.

Among those are:

  • Rakuten – This free shopping portal has been giving users cash back for over 20 years. Get a $30 bonus through our referral link.
  • Capital One ShoppingA free browser extension that helps you find better deals and coupon codes when you shop online. (Even if you don’t bank with Capital One.) Plus, you’ll earn rewards you can redeem for gift cards. Disclosure: Capital One pays me when you get the Capital One Shopping extension through my link.
  • Fetch Rewards – Scan your grocery receipts with the free Fetch app to earn cash back on 250+ brands. Not 100% passive but very painless.
  • DOSH – Link your bank and credit cards and earn automatic cash back at participating stores and restaurants.

10. Share Your Data

While not a huge money-maker, this simple passive income idea could be worth $200 a year or more. I figured since I’m probably already giving my data away to “big tech” for free, it would be cool to actually get paid for it.

For example, I earned $80 in my first few months on Caden. The app pays a daily “data dividend” for connecting accounts like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix.

Other passive income ideas in this category include Nielsen’s Computer and Mobile Panel, which pays up to $60 a year for sharing your Internet usage habits.

get free amazon gift cards with nielsen panel

11. Sell a Digital Product

Jodi Carlson reported earning over $5k a month selling digital activity guides for Girl Scout troop leaders. She’d started a blog documenting the activities she was doing with her scouts, mostly just as a reference for herself and other local leaders.

Before long, troop leaders from the other side of the country had discovered her site through Google and Pinterest. They emailed asking what other ideas she had.

That’s when Jodi began compiling her activity guides into PDF documents. She uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers, a site to buy and sell lesson plans, and made several sales in the first week.

12. Make Product Review Videos

If you’re accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program, you can get paid to create short video product reviews.


In turn, Amazon displays those on the relevant product pages, and rewards you a commission when someone makes a purchase after watching your video.

I made over $700 doing this in my first few months, with very little effort! (After uploading, it’s totally passive.)

passive income from the amazon influencer program

Plus, I’ve connected with other side hustlers earning $2,000 a month sharing their opinions on Amazon products.

13. Create Print on Demand Designs

This is a low-overhead, low-investment way to build a little passive income. In our house, Merch by Amazon is a fun little side business and generates around $50-200 a month for us.

How it works is you upload t-shirt (and now other product) designs to Amazon, and the e-commerce giant does the rest. When someone orders it, they’ll print it in the size and color selected, and ship it to the customer. You earn the spread between whatever price you set and the cost to print it.

Our best month was over $500 in profit, which I think we could hit consistently if we dedicated more time to creating new designs. 

14. Buy Commercial Real Estate

Fundrise is a cool “alternative” way to invest in real estate.

With just a $10 minimum investment, you can start building a portfolio of pre-vetted commercial properties. I’ve been investing with them since 2015 and they’ve paid dividends every quarter so far.

(Disclosure: when you sign up, I earn a commission. All opinions are my own.)

fundrise commercial real estate

Check out my full Fundrise review to learn more.

Curious about other alternative investments? Play around with this cool tool to see what else is out there:

15. Earn More Interest

Our free checking accounts with Chase are paying .01% interest. What’s even the point?

checking account interest

That’s why we keep most of our cash in higher-yielding savings accounts with Capital One and Betterment.

To add diversification and cash flow to my portfolio, I’ve also taken up a small position in Worthy Bonds.

These small business bonds pay 7% interest, and you can buy them for only $10 apiece. The bonds are used to fund inventory or asset-backed loans to small U.S. businesses.

worthy bonds

Since the loans use inventory as collateral, they’re considered safer than other personal or business loans. You can also automatically re-invest your interest and make penalty-free withdrawals at any time.

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16. Make Short-Term Real Estate Loans

With Groundfloor you help real estate flippers fund their acquisition and rehab costs. In return, you earn 6-9% passive income on your investment.

earn passive income with groundfloor

The big advantage over other peer-to-peer lending is the loans are backed by the real property. That means if the borrower stops paying, you have some recourse — namely foreclosure.

The loans are shorter term, generally 1 year or less, instead of 3-5 years.

17. Play the Substitution Game to Save Money

I’ve been a Mint Mobile customer for years. It runs on the T-Mobile network, and when you pre-pay, it costs just $15 a month:

save money with mint mobile

Compared to my old provider, Ting, and my even older provider, Verizon, this represents savings of $180-500 a year.

Similarly, if it’s been more than 2 years since you last shopped for car insurance, you’re paying too much.

Check out Insurify for a quick and painless comparison on car and home insurance. It’ll take just a few minutes and users report saving an average of $489 per year!

reduce your insurance costs

What other recurring monthly costs could you cut by negotiating with your service provider or by shopping for a similar service?

18. Refinance or Pay Down High Interest Debt

According to Nerd Wallet, the average household with debt is facing:

  • $7,800 in credit card debt
  • $29,000 in vehicle debt
  • $59,000 in student loan debt

If you’re paying any non-mortgage interest right now, I would prioritize reducing or eliminating that monthly expense before exploring these other strategies.

19. Flip Raw Land

To be fair, this passive income idea is a ton of work upfront, but done right, you’ll be collecting payments for years.

land investing side hustle

The basic idea, as explained by Roberto Chavez on The Side Hustle Show, is to buy parcels of vacant land at a discount, and then to re-sell that property on a monthly payment plan.

20. Rent Out Extra Stuff

I love creative rental businesses, like Lenny Tim’s mobility scooter rental business. It brings in $3,000 a month as a side hustle.

What’s even more interesting is he didn’t go out and buy his first scooter until he had proven the demand. He built out a website and waited until it started to get a steady flow of booking requests!

Here are some other items you could potentially rent out for a profit:

  • Your car. The average vehicle sits idle about 22 hours a day. Sites like Turo make it easy to get started.
  • Your RV. The “idle time” stats for RVs are even worse than for cars. RVShare facilitates peer-to-peer rentals and covers insurance, with prices ranging from $150-300 a night!
  • Your boat. Rates range from $230 to $950 per day on sites like Boatsetter.
  • Your gear. Babyquip rents quality used baby gear to traveling families. Meanwhile, FatLlama has gone broader, using the slogan “Airbnb for your stuff.”

21. Subcontract a Service Business

Chris Schwab started a residential house cleaning business back when he was still in college. In less than two years, he’d grown it to $60,000 a month—all while never mopping a floor or dusting a shelf himself.

Despite dozens of competing cleaning services, Chris discovered there was still opportunity. He figured that out while perusing Yelp reviews of existing cleaning companies.

“No one complained about the cleaning itself,” he said. “What people complained about was the customer service. They didn’t know when the crew was going to show up; they couldn’t get a quote; no one was answering the phone. I knew I could do that, and find cleaners to do the actual work.”

Since then, he’s delegated much of the customer support as well. When we caught up, the business took just a few minutes a day for him to manage.

22. Build a Helpful Website

Now to be totally upfront, there’s a lot to learn to make this business work, but when it does, it can be extremely lucrative.

For example:

Their sites are monetized with advertising and affiliate partnerships, which scale as your traffic increases.

Want to start a blog of your own? Check out my free 6-part video course on how to start your own site.


Low startup costs

Great long-term earning power

Can sell the business down the road


Slow to see results

Lots of skills to learn

23. Buy a Cash-Flowing Website

As I can attest, blogs and websites can earn great semi-passive income without your direct involvement. But you also usually can’t stand still for long before that income starts to fade.

Things break, content needs updating, and Google rankings are always changing.

Still, if you have web skills, you might like this interview with Stacy Caprio. She bought enough cash flow in the form of existing websites from the Flippa marketplace to quit her job.

buy an online business on flippa

24. Buy a “Boring” Business

Since half of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years, perhaps it makes sense to buy one that’s already proven successful.

And if online businesses aren’t your thing, take a look around your town.

For example, Hannah Ingram bought a local car wash with no money down using seller financing. When we spoke, it was profiting an average of $5,000 per month, with just a few hours a week of work.

You can shop on sites like BizBuySell to find opportunities near you.


Expect to pay 2-3x the annual earnings as a purchase price, but you can often finance up to 90% of the deal with an SBA loan.

25. Set Up a Vending Machine

Vending machines are one of the oldest passive income ideas. They’re literally robots that collect money when you’re not around!

The challenge is managing inventory and keeping the machines stocked, especially if you have several locations. Still, the thought of returning to a machine and finding it filled with money is pretty motivating.

For more on how the vending machine business can work, check out my interview with Matt Miller, whose passive income empire started with just $36 and a bag of gumballs.

26. License Your Ideas

Product licensing is a unique way earn residual income from your ideas—while letting someone else do the work.

For example, Nate Dallas and his brother split $300,000 in royalties from a Pictionary-inspired card game they licensed to Mattel.

The duo (a dentist and a preacher) didn’t have to design it, produce it, or sell it—but they found someone who could—and they cashed the checks.

Other things you can license:

27. Set up a Drop Shipping Store

Drop shipping is a unique type of e-commerce where your supplier actually ships the products to customers on your behalf. As the seller, you don’t have to purchase any inventory until you have a buyer. Your profit comes from spread between the retail price you charge and the wholesale price you’ve agreed upon with your supplier.

In one of the most popular Side Hustle Show episodes of all time, Rene Delgado broke down how he sold $300,000 worth of bounce houses in his first year as a drop ship store owner.

Although there is a lot of upfront work in building the site and securing supplier relationships, drop shipping can be relatively passive after that.

28. Develop an App or Software

Could you solve a problem with software? It’s the ultimate scalable business in that the same underlying code can be sold to an unlimited number of customers.

A premium software tool can be sold either as a one-off purchase or a recurring monthly subscription.

As a customer, I’ve bought both smartphone apps and desktop software. If you don’t have the technical chops to build something like this yourself, you could always partner or hire someone who does—or white label software that already exists. The biggest consideration is to do your homework upfront and make sure there’s a hungry market demand for what you’re building.

Look to tools like AppSumo or ProductHunt to gain initial traction.

29. Develop an Alexa Skill

There are a couple ways side hustlers can make passive income with Amazon’s popular Echo devices.

The first is like Apple’s app store. You can build special Alexa voice apps, called “skills.”

As a skill developer, you can set your own price and earn 70% of the revenue when users buy it. For example, Nick Schwab has 10,000 paying customers for an ambient noise skill. He created a free version for people to try, and priced the paid version between $0.99 and $1.99 a month.

Amazon also has a rewards program to encourage developers to build out the ecosystem of skills. The rewards are based on the popularity and engagement of your skill, and some developers report earning thousands of dollars a month.

30. Rent Your Bandwidth

A new app called Honeygain has been building a lot “buzz” lately. According to the site, you can earn up to $30 a month when you share “your unused net traffic with data scientists.”

(Figures based on sharing 10 GB a day, which is a crap-ton of data!)

get paid from honeygain

After you install the app (available on Windows, MacOS, and Android), connect it to the Internet, and earn rewards passively. On average, it takes users 48 days to reach $20.

Get a $5 bonus to start.

Before you get started though, make sure you’re truly on an unlimited plan as it sounds like this could chew through a lot of bandwidth in hurry!

31. Rent Out Your Extra Space

You’re probably familiar with Airbnb and similar sites, where you can turn the extra space in your home into extra cash. Check the calculator on their site to see how much you could earn.

This gets more passive if you have a second property and hire a 3rd party service to manage your bookings, guest communication, and cleaning.

But if you don’t want to deal with guests at all, the Neighbor platform might be worth a look. Neighbor lets you store people’s extra stuff where you have space for it.

how couples can side hustle with neighbor

This is likely to be very passive monthly income after the initial drop off. Some hosts are earning up to $10,000 a year running their own mini self-storage operations.

Check out our full Neighbor review to learn more.

The 4 Types of Passive Income Ideas

YouTube video

The allure of passive income is exciting. I mean, if the idea of making money in your sleep doesn’t get you excited, I’d check your pulse.

On top of that, passive income is important.

I’ll let Warren Buffett explain:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

I think we can all get on board with that.

So how can you get some that sweet, sweet passive income—or “mailbox money”—for yourself?

Here’s what you need to know.

In general, passive income is the money you earn from assets you control. (Assets are simply things that other people value; cash, real estate, physical goods, attention, etc.)

The drawback is assets usually take either time to build or money to acquire.

Here are the 4 types of passive income you can start working toward today:

the 4 types of passive income

1. Buy cash-flowing assets

This is the “make money with money” option. Under this category of cash-flowing assets, you’ll find options like dividend investing, business lending, real estate, and stuff like that.

It’s great—if you already have money to invest!

2. Build assets

Building something of value—say, a digital product or website that earns advertising revenue—is a viable path to passive income. These things take some time to create and market, but can run relatively passively often for years if set up correctly.

3. Share or sell assets

There are ways to make relatively-passive income renting or selling assets you control.

This could include extra space around your house, stuff you have collecting dust, or even the data generated by your phone.

4. “Reverse” passive income

“Reverse” passive income comes from cutting your ongoing monthly expenses. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

Well, because of taxes on earned income, it’s actually better than that! And there’s no extreme couponing required.

Why Passive Income Ideas Matter

I’m not an investment guru or financial wizard, but the vast majority of my income is “passive”—or at least time-leveraged.

By time-leveraged, I mean I don’t punch a clock or trade my time for money in any direct way.

I started my career the way most people do—with a job. But over time, I’ve consciously built up more passive income streams, while growing the overall size of the income pie as well.

active vs passive income

The tiny sliver of “active income” on the chart comes from one-on-one consulting calls.

Unfortunately, here’s how the chart looks for most people:

passive income for people with jobs

They have a big chunk of active income—from their job—and (if they’re lucky) a little slice of investment income.

Let’s work toward shifting the balance to the green!

It’s important to note I’ve built these up slowly over time, starting while I was still working a 9-5 job. I don’t want to paint the picture that I’m raking in millions sitting in a hammock on the beach, either—because I’m not.

I still work a few days a week on growing my business. But I get to do it on my own terms and have a ton of fun doing it.

Conclusion: Start Building Your Passive Income Today

To recap, we’ve covered a couple dozen ways I earn passive income and shared a ton of other ideas for you to get started with today. These income streams didn’t happen overnight for me; they took years of dedicated effort to build.

But that effort is worth it. In fact, it’s required if you ever want to stop trading time for money.

My recommendation is to pick a few of the options on the list that seem most appealing and doable to you, and get started with those. Let me know how it goes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of passive income?

Passive income comes in 4 main varieties. 1. Investment returns. 2. Residual earnings from assets you build yourself. 3. “Renting” assets you already control. 4. “Reverse” passive income; that is, saving money on recurring expenses.

How do I generate passive income?

The most common way to generate passive income is through investment returns, such as share price appreciation, dividends, or real estate rental income. But perhaps more accessible is to build income-producing assets — like websites — of your own.

What are some examples of passive income?

Stock dividends, real estate rental income, advertising revenue, affiliate commissions, savings account interest, book sales, private lending, and tons more!

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  1. Dude!

    You’re an absolute BOSS. I love this list.

    Book sales (Kindle, audio, paperback) and online course sales are my current sources of passive income.

    I’m working hard to scale them even higher.


  2. Great article, you left out Yazing.com for making money on your recommendations and purchases.

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  3. Awesome! This is a great list! I’m currently dabbling in product licensing. I will be podcasting about it next month. Hopefully I can get a deal as good at Nate Dallas!

  4. Hi Nick, great and useful list. Thank you for putting the time into this. As it pertains to ideas #10 – Amazon Merch. What software do you use to build the t-shirt designs? Are there a couple of good options? My wife is interested in this but she is not technically savvy. Thank you for your help here. Have a great day.

    • I just started creating t shirts on merch and use Canva – super easy and I just used a YouTube video to learn how. Plus Canva is free and has loads of other uses.

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  6. Great article, I re-post your link on my blog.. I was writing all it down.. good stuff, thanks a million.

  7. Last week I received a royalty check for one of my short stories published on Amazon. I don’t receive royalties very often but when I do it gives me a feeling of euphoria I don’t get with anything else. It makes me feel like a champion. As a result of these feelings I decided I want to find other ways to make passive income, and that is when I found your article. I am thrilled that I found it. It has given me new ideas and has also unexpectedly motivated me to seriously reexamine my passion for creating passive income. Thank you for posting this article. I sincerely hope it motivates other as it has me.

      • Hey Nick,

        This is an awesome resource and I’m so happy I found it. Thanks for creating and sharing. You’ll definitely be getting some affiliate $$ from my following some of your links! ;)

        One question for you. As I started reading your ‘47 Other Ideas’, specifically the ‘Buying Cash-Flowing Assets for Passive Income’ section, I couldn’t help but wonder why you have not tried some of your listed ideas. Especially the ones with minimal initial investment. Any particular reason?

        Thanks again!

        • I’m constantly being torn between simplicity and diversification! I have added a small position in Worthy bonds to my portfolio, since that aligned with some cash flow and diversification goals, while being super simple to start.

  8. As a former user of the platform, Slidejoy may not be the preferred option for renting out your lock screen. Not only does it take FOREVER to build up points (I averaged about $2 – the minimum – every other month.) without utilizing their offer walls/surveys, but you have to wait until the middle (and by middle I mean the 18th or so) of the month before the PREVIOUS month’s points become redeemable. Paypal cash-outs are currently unavailable as well.

    A better alternative might be S’more, or GiftLoop (I have two phones so I use both). With S’more you accumulate 100pts ($1) every ten days just from unlocking the phone at least once a day, and after the first ten days on the app you can cash out at will with a $1 minimum (disclaimer: that’s in Amazon, other rewards have higher minimums). GiftLoop doesn’t accumulate quite as fast, but it has a charge screen option in addition to the lock screen and a 3k point weekly bonus for daily logins. Both apps also include multiple other routes to earn points (offer walls, surveys, watching videos, etc.) GiftLoop has an option where you can swipe through their headlines that’s interspersed with 5 point cat memes and 50 point bonus video opportunities. It’s a fun and mildly lucrative way to spend a few spare minutes.

  9. This is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing this valuable resource! It opened up my mind to so many more opportunities. Curious to know: Do you have a strategy on how you onboard new diversification? i.e. do you try something new after a recurring period (ie. every quarter) or when you’ve seen good results etc?
    I’m unsure whether it would be wise to start dipping my feet into multiple options at once.
    I’d love to hear your feedback on this!

    • I approach it from a couple different angles. First I look at my investing goals, which lately the one I’ve been most excited about has been building up the monthly (or quarterly, in many cases) passive cash flow. Then I look at where my existing asset allocation may be lacking (often using a tool like Personal Capital to get an overview of investments). If I’m light in a certain area, like real estate or bonds, a specific industry sector, I’ll try and find a cash-flowing position to add in that area.

      Almost all the time, I start with a “toe-dip” position, especially if it’s a new platform to me, and add to that over time as results play out favorably.

  10. Hi Nick I just want to thank you. I just discovered this post and your pod cast I’m downloading several episodes right now. I’m very intrigued by the affiliate marketing to create passive income as I used to do concrete until a year ago my middle son’s autism had gotten to the point where he needed to be homeschooled All my time has been spent caring for him and with being a low income family to start with we don’t have money to invest to generate income so the idea of creating a revenue stream that takes little money to start and doesn’t require a lot of time and attention seems like an answer to my prayers. So thank you. I’m certainly going to give it my best shot.

  11. Nice, what an extensive list. 71 is a huge list and i’m going to have to re-read many times.
    Some gold ideas there Nick.


  12. Oh wow, that’s a lot of ways to generate a passive income!

    Great post! I like it because it’s not focused only on generating money, but also on saving and cutting expenses.

  13. This is awesome – thank you a bunch! I have recently become disabled and can’t work a normal job anymore so I hope I can use some of these options to help me out! :D

  14. Hi Nick,

    It was an amazing article! Having a passive income is essential these days, and I am sure this article will help a lot of people. All of these ideas sound amazing, and I am looking to start some streams of passive income. I will definitely be taking ideas from your list and trying them out. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing resource. It was a great help. Looking forward to reading more of your amazing articles in the future.

  15. Thank you for NOT creating just another BS list of how to make passive income. There are some really good ideas in here, none of which I have ever heard of, and I have been working on passive income for years.

    What is your highest performing asset class?

  16. All of these ideas listed above are very great opportunities, but you are missing one that may trump them all, e-commerce automation!

  17. searching for what mobile company you said you use! I have Verizon at $140 a month- saw y ou switched and saved and I want to do the same!

  18. Would also recommend Yard Sign Marketing and add that to the list! It’s such a fun and easy way to get started generating some passive income.


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