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Nick LoperSide Hustle Nation was created by Nick Loper. (That handsome bald dude in the picture!)

After experiencing the struggle and empowerment of building his own side hustle business, he’s on a mission to help people build their own income streams and amplify their earning power.

Contact Info

If you’re interested in contacting Nick for media appearances or interviews, please send an email to He’ll typically respond in one business day or less.

Nick is available to comment on:

  • The state of the side hustle economy
  • Creative ways to make extra money
  • The most popular side hustles
  • Common side hustle mistakes
  • And anything else related to building extra income with limited time

About Nick

Nick Loper’s entrepreneurial journey began at an early age — selling candy to his fellow Boy Scouts at summer camp, and eventually painting houses in college at the University of Washington.

After graduation though, he started side hustling in earnest. Some small scale experiments in online advertising soon turned into a full-fledged comparison shopping site for footwear, which earned commission from Zappos, Amazon, and other online shoe sellers.

Three years of nights and weekends later, Nick left his corporate gig to become a full-time entrepreneur.

It was during this time that Nick’s obsession with different business models and creative ways to make extra money really began. In 2013, he started Side Hustle Nation and The Side Hustle Show podcast to begin spreading the gospel of this lower-risk brand of entrepreneurship.

Through the blog and podcast, Nick has helped thousands of readers and listeners earn more money and start businesses of their own.

He lives in Livermore, California with his wife, two sons, and Mochi, The Side Hustle Shih Tzu.

Side Hustle Nation

Side Hustle Nation has been recognized by the Plutus Foundation as a 2-time winner of the Best Entrepreneurship Blog.

The site is read by 2.2 million visitors a year, and 30,000 listeners tune into The Side Hustle Show each week.

Some of the most popular content includes:

One of the most important pillars of Side Hustle Nation is the community element, which is now more than 50,000 members strong on Facebook.


Nick is a multi-time Amazon bestselling author, with titles including:

Interviewer Resources


Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He’s an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams.

Nick Typically Speaks To:

  • The rise of the side hustle economy
  • Popular side hustle business models
  • Creative ways to make extra money
  • The “dark side” of side hustling
  • The importance of building income streams you control
  • Growing a blog and podcast audience
  • Ways to be more productive and find more time in your day

Nick tries to respond to all media inquiries promptly, but if you’re on a deadline, please make sure to say so in your email.

Selected Media Mentions and Appearances

TEDx: The Entrepreneurial Generation

Radio and Podcasts

Print and Magazines

  • Forbes: Side Hustle 101: How to Get Your Gig Off The Ground
  • Entrepreneur: Match Your Side Hustle With How Much Free Time You’ve Got
  • Business Insider: Over 200 Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time
  • The LA Times: How to Start a Six Figure Side Hustle

Web Features

  • Bad Credit: Side Hustle Nation Brings Expert Advice to Gig Workers Seeking Financial Independence
  • CNBC: Before You Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time
  • Go Banking Rates: 50+ Ways to Make Extra Money

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