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Featured Review

User Interviews Review [2024]: $100 an Hour for Your Opinion? Yes Please!

My latest side hustle experiment is as a User Interviews survey respondent.

(I’m up $105 so far, in exchange for about an hour and a half.)

Latest Reviews

receiptpal review

ReceiptPal Review: How Much Are Your Receipts Worth?

ReceiptPal is one of several receipt-scanning apps that pays you real money for sharing your shopping receipts.

But does the app deliver?

Dedicated ReceiptPal users can earn $10-25 a year. It’s essentially free money — but is it worth the effort?

receipt hog review

Receipt Hog Review: How Much Are Your Receipts Worth?

The free Receipt Hog app pays you for taking pictures of your receipts.

Consistent Receipt Hog users can earn around $25 a year pretty easily. But is it worth it?

coinout review

CoinOut Review: Get $36 for Taking Pics of Your Receipts?

The CoinOut app is a legit way to get paid for your receipts. Consistent app users can earn up to $3 a month, or roughly $36 a year.

But what does CoinOut do with your receipts? Is it worth it?

slicethepie review

Slicethepie Review: Legit, Easy Way to Earn Pennies Online

Since 2007, Slicethepie has been paying people to review songs online.

But they don’t pay much.

In this review, we’re breaking down how it works, and whether or not the work is worth it.

finding field agent jobs

Field Agent App Review: Make $10-20/hr Mystery Shopping and Trying Products

This is my review of the popular Field Agent app.

I’ve heard about the app on various lists of side hustle ideas for years, and was excited to finally put it to the test.

The tl;dr version of what I found is that the app is legit (they do really pay), it’s easy to use, and is actually pretty fun. But don’t expect this to replace your day job!

caden app

Caden App Review: Earn $150 From Your Data?

Is the Caden app worth an install?

The app promises to pay you for the data you generate on a daily basis. You know, the stuff we give to Big Tech for free!

And Caden really does pay — it took a couple months to earn my first $40 payout.

plastic mattress protective bag

Inside the Sharetown Mattress Return Pickup and Resale Side Hustle

For the past couple years, I’ve seen a few people talking about their side hustle picking up “bed in a box” mattresses. They say it’s something you can do part time and the pay is great.

After that, though, the details become more and more scarce.

How does it all work? Where does the money come from? What’s the catch?

steady app enter location

Steady App Review: Your Gateway to the Gig Economy

“Find work. Earn money,” the Steady app promises.

Steady is the first tool I’ve seen that attempts to bring all the “gig economy” and flexible work opportunities under one roof.

Yes, that same gig economy that 36% of the US workforce is already a part of. In some ways, we’re becoming a nation of side hustlers and freelancers, and the free Steady app is a gateway to hundreds of potential ways to earn extra money.

pogo app review

Pogo App Review: Make Money From Your Location and Purchase Data

Pogo pays you to share your location and purchase data. In our Pogo review, we share how it works, how much you can make, and alternatives to consider.

prolific review

Prolific Review: How to Make an Easy $200 a Month Participating in Research Studies is an online research platform that pays you for your opinion and feedback.

It’s a legit and easy way to make money online that pays much better than “micro task” sites like Clickworker and Mechanical Turk.

In fact, one Side Hustle Nation reader reported earning £300 in a couple of months of part-time effort on Prolific.

testerup homepage

Testerup Review: Make Up to $227 to Play Games? What’s the Catch?

Testerup is a legit platform that allows users to test mobile games and earn money.

But while you can make money testing games with this platform, your time may be better spent on other money making apps.

user interviews

User Interviews Review [2024]: $100 an Hour for Your Opinion? Yes Please!

My latest side hustle experiment is as a User Interviews survey respondent.

(I’m up $105 so far, in exchange for about an hour and a half.)

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