311: How to Create Your Own Niche—and Your Own Income

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April Whitney was staring at a future of pharmaceutical copywriting, and wanted out.

Her escape plan was an interesting one.

Today, April is the leading voice in the niche of petite fitness.

Where the story gets exciting, is that it’s a niche that for all intents and purposes, April invented.

Nobody was searching for this stuff, which would normally be a huge red flag. But when women came across April and her content, something resonated.

Starting a little over a year ago, she’s built a tribe of over 10,000 followers, raised $8,000 on Kickstarter for her first product, and now sells $1000 worth of that product on autopilot every month.

April built most of her tribe on Instagram, a platform that’s saturated with fitness-related content and notoriously difficult to convert followers into customers.

Tune in to hear how April found her tribe, converted them into followers and customers, and the products and services she created that ultimately funded her quitting that cubical job to do something she loves.

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Click here to download April’s top tips from this episode.

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  • Why April entered a niche that only 100 people a month were actively searching for.
  • How she used Instagram as her primary way to find and connect with her tribe.
  • Her content strategy that helped her stand out.
  • The lead magnet she created and promoted to build her email list.
  • How her Kickstarter campaign raised over $8000 with an email list of just 250 people.
  • April’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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