102: Zero to $50k a Month: Email Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Audience Builders

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dan faggellaNote: Click here to download Dan’s top email marketing tips and strategies.

Dan Faggella sent me an email last month that essentially said, “Hey Nick, I’m a fan of the show. I have some expertise in email marketing, and I know many of your listeners are working to build their online presence and their email lists. Would it make sense to do an episode on some list building and email best practices?”

And then he added the kicker: “I’m making $50k/mo selling martial arts training videos right now, and I have other businesses as well…”

OK, I’m listening!

I love hearing from practitioners, and Dan really brings the goods and the energy in this call.

That martial arts business is ScienceofSkill.com, and one of his “other businesses” is CLVBoost.com, an email marketing and marketing automation agency.

I definitely learned some things, and I think you’ll take away some pretty juicy hacks and how-tos when it comes to building your list and what you do with subscribers after they sign up.

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Click here to download Dan’s top email marketing tips and strategies.

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  • LeadPages – I grew my email list 6x in 6 months using LeadPages.


  • The backstory of the $50k per month online business.
  • Dan’s guest posting strategy.
  • How to reach out to influencers and celebrities in your niche.
  • How to set up your pitches and interviews so they get accepted and shared.
  • Why you MUST align your opt-in offer with the first paid product/service you intend to sell.
  • The question to ask yourself in crafting your autoresponder sequence.
  • Dan’s recommended email frequency and duration for an autoresponder.
  • His recommended email service providers (gasp — not AWeber!)
  • The 4 things you need to include in your very first message.
  • The types of content you can deliver after that, and one question to keep in mind.
  • Dan’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Dan’s top email marketing tips and strategies.

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5 thoughts on “102: Zero to $50k a Month: Email Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs and Audience Builders”

  1. I really enjoyed this interview and found a lot of what Dan said to be spot on with email marketing. . . to the point of learning more about him and possible consulting. So I did a quick Google search of his name to find his company. . . This revealed a large amount of results from very upset “customers” about the “scamming” techniques used in his email marketing funnels.

    This has me a bit concerned about consulting with him although I will implement some of the strategies he mentions in the podcast.

    Any thoughts? I firmly believe money isn’t everything. If you get into scamming and hiding actual charges I think you are going down the wrong rode.

    Whats your impression Nick? Would love to hear Dans thoughts on the negative comments as well.

  2. Hi there John, here’s a comment that might shed some light on the matter. Here’s a note on a Jiu Jitsu forum from a number a months ago (https://www.microbjj.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/JiuJitsu-Forum-Letter.pdf).

    Growing beyond the 50k/mo mark selling membership and DVD programs in a niche that isn’t used to direct response marketing gives you enemies. At least two of the forum posters are actually business competitors (they sell online courses, too), and they have good reason to shake down what we’ve built.

    Per Jiu jItsu, what the forum folks don’t usually bring up are our dozens and dozens of fans from around the world (http://www.microbjj.com/testimonials/).

    Per CLVboost, client stories tend to speak for themselves. I appreciate the comment, Jon, feel free to ask whatever else you might like to know. All the best,

  3. Thanks for the response Dan. I can see where you are coming from and how your growth and market disruption might make others uncomfortable. I look forward to following you.


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