176: Freelance Transformation: From $300 Technician to $20,000 Consultant, with Matt Inglot

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Matt Inglot was following the hustler’s path.

He built some skills on his spare time, and began selling those skills as a freelancer. The first project he sold was to build a website for $300.

Soon, he had a full-time freelance business, and decided to grow into an agency. He leased commercial office space, hired staff, and continued hustling for clients.

But before long, Matt found himself working 80 hour weeks and stressed out during down months about covering rent and payroll. While outwardly successful, Matt knew the business was broken.

From this low point, he drastically cut both his overhead and his client workload. Instead of managing four $5000 projects at a time, he found it far easier to manage one $20,000 project.

And the $20,000 clients were often on a completely different growth trajectory and routinely turned into $100,000+ multi-year relationships.

In this podcast we talk about Matt’s journey from success to failure to success, a transition he calls the shift from technician to consultant. Today he reports being happier, freer, and better off financially.

Tune in to hear how he got it done.

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Click here to download Matt’s top freelance transformation tips.

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  • How Matt hustled to land his first freelance clients and sold his first job for $300.
  • Why he wanted to build a big company.
  • How Matt dominated the local search results in his hometown, with 4 listings on the homepage of Google.
  • How the curse of his high overhead set-up led him to burnout, taking on less than ideal clients, and a stressed out life.
  • The transition Matt made — a move he describes as shifting from being a technician to a consultant. Also an interesting discussion on whether the technician step is skippable or if it’s a prerequisite.
  • His “High Value Client Checklist.”
  • His high-touch strategy to constantly uncover new expensive problems and opportunities for clients.
  • A unique hack for finding quality contractors.
  • Matt’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.



I recorded this session with Melinda Chen from WomenMakingBigSales.com. She shares some additional insights on why and how to target large companies as a solo entrepreneur.

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Matt’s top freelance transformation tips.

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2 thoughts on “176: Freelance Transformation: From $300 Technician to $20,000 Consultant, with Matt Inglot”

  1. Nick and Matt that is great information you shared in this podcast. I know I have struggled with focusing on an industry and finding ways to provide value. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me.

  2. “The freedom to travel that an office never gave me…”

    Amen and hell yeah to that one, Matt! Thank you for hosting this Freelancer Transformer, Nick.

    Beautifully put, beautifully said. This story reminds me that it’s NEVER impossible to scale up from underpaid worker to master of your craft. Thanks again , you guys!


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