281: How to Start a $1000/Month Freelance Writing Business in 60 Minutes a Day

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Note: Click here to download James’ top tips for becoming a freelancer writer from this episode.

In his first 3 months, he’d booked more than $4000 worth of work.

“I’ve never been very good at working with people, so I wanted something that was flexible,” James said.

Sound familiar?

These are the words of someone who was miserable selling shoes for minimum wage at his day job.

James was looking for that location independent lifestyle, and when he was approached to ghostwrite a book for $300 he knew what he wanted to do from that point on.

Fast-forward a couple of years and James now charges $300 per 1000 words for his freelance writing, and most of his work is at least 2500 words ($750).

He’s also started up a cool business at FreelanceWritersSchool.com teaching others how to follow in his footsteps.

Tune in to hear how James landed his first clients, his strategies for growing a portfolio, and some of his favorite hacks to overcome writer’s block.

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Click here to download James’ top tips for becoming a freelancer writer from this episode.

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  • What attracted James to freelance writing.
  • Why he narrowed down the niches that he writes for.
  • Where James got started finding clients and how he finds high-end clients now.
  • The pros and cons of writing for content mills and job boards.
  • How to build a portfolio of work that will secure you more clients.
  • How to successfully pitch for guest posts.
  • How James manages the feast or famine of freelance work — his “Numbers Game” plan.
  • His tips, tools, and hacks for being more productive and beating writer’s block.
  • James’ #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


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  1. Some of us are already subscribed to your blog, how can we download the PDF reel without being asked to complete the form?

    • Hey Derrick,

      I’m considering creating a “VIP” page where subscribers can access everything, because I agree it’s not the best user experience. In the meantime though, check your email because I include direct download links to the latest episode notes every week in the newsletter.

  2. Over two year i work as a freelance writer myself, i write various stuff – from academic writing to business article. Mainly i taking orders from upwork or vip-writers.com and trust me – you won’t get your work done on 60 minutes a day. It’s often takes only 30 min for a per-research phase, when you find information about given topic. So there is only 30 minutes left. And i even wasn’t talking about proofreading and editing stage…

  3. Nick,

    Thanks so much for the show notes. Had my usual trouble with an accent.

    Enjoying your podcasts. Spent much of the time during hurricane Dorian soaking up the insights
    you and your guests provide.

    Your awesome,


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