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As co-host of the #1 marriage podcast in iTunes, the ONE Extraordinary Marriage show, Tony DiLorenzo speaks to a worldwide audience about sex, love, and commitment. Along with his wife Alisa, their goal is to reach as many couples around the world as they can, equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to create an extraordinary marriage.

With a hugely popular blog and podcast, Tony is a little modest in saying, “that’s consistency over 7 years.” Tony and Alisa sell coaching services, their own products, promote affiliate products, and have sponsorships as some of their income streams. Over the last 7 years they have come a long way with their brand from a side hustle hobby to a full-time business.

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Tune in to hear Tony taking me through the steps he took to build up his podcast to over 150k downloads a month, the tools and techniques he uses to drive traffic to his lead magnets, how he has a tiered upsell funnel, and how he and his wife have built up profitable and diverse income streams.

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Click here to download Tony’s top tips from this episode.

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  • How a hobby became a full-time business for Tony and Alisa.
  • How they grew their podcast audience to over 150k downloads a month with little more than social media marketing.
  • How to Tony sets up lead magnets and builds his email list.
  • How Tony upsells through his lead magnets and landing pages.
  • How to identify posts on your site that could be earning you affiliate commissions.
  • How Tony adds a ‘’Tripwire’’ and Core Offers into his lead magnets to earn more revenue.
  • How Tony uses “indoctrination sequences”, and “engagement sequences” to sell to his audience.
  • Tony’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Here are some examples of Tony’s posts monetized with affiliate links:

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Tony’s top tips from this episode.

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3 thoughts on “200: From Content to Cash Flow – Affiliate Marketing and Automated Sales Funnels”

  1. I have a question for Tony. I am creating a book that I want to offer free + shipping for the paperback, just like yours. Are you using a print-on-demand service? Or how are your handling the orders? Thanks!

  2. Nick, I loved this episode!!! I have a question related to Amazon affiliates. I live in one of the states that doesn’t allow me to participate. I’m really frustrated that so many people talk about Amazon as a main strategy for affiliate marketing. I’m working on getting involved in other affiliate networks, but they don’t seem to be as profitable. It’s also time consuming to work through so many separate companies. Do you have an episode or post that addresses this?


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