171: How to Get Paid to Create Content – Even When You’re Just Starting Out

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Note: Click here to download Jason’s top sponsorship tips.

Want to get paid to create content? If you don’t want to toil as a freelancer or build your own products, one interesting way to cash in on your work is to attract sponsors.

I remember the first website ad I ever sold, and it was a glorious moment. Even though it was only $50, the thrill of selling pixels for dollars has stuck with me.

Since then, I’ve experimented with several other sponsorship projects, including sponsored posts on this site and more recently, paid advertising on The Side Hustle Show.

And I’m not alone. We’ve heard from several guests who explained sponsorship and ad sales make up a significant portion of their revenue, including Matt Giovanisci (who introduced me to this week’s guest) and Robert Farrington.

But Jason Zook is the undisputed king when it comes to sponsored content.

You may know Jason as the IWearYourShirt guy, where he earned over $1,000,000 wearing t-shirts for various companies. He’s even sold his last name (twice — each for $40k+), formerly going as Jason Surfrapp and Jason Headsetsdotcom.

In this episode, he shares his tips for getting sponsors for your work, even if you’re just starting out. I think you’ll like it!

Free PDF Download:

how to get sponsors

Click here to download Jason’s top sponsorship tips.



  • How to land sponsorship deals — even if you have no audience … yet.
  • Different ways to make your offer compelling.
  • How to figure out what companies to target.
  • Jason’s tips on who to contact and how to find their email address.
  • Jason’s unique take on “selling out.”
  • How to craft a winning pitch.
  • Jason’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Jason’s top sponsorship tips.

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2 thoughts on “171: How to Get Paid to Create Content – Even When You’re Just Starting Out”

  1. Sponsors can be a great option for new freelancers. The key is to put yourself out there. It’s not always easy but that first success story can be a game changer.


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