68: How I Got My First Sale in 6 Different Businesses

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One of my favorite questions to ask guests on The Side Hustle Show is how they got their first customer. Because that’s an empowering moment!

So today, I’ll take you through how I got my first customers in a half dozen different business ventures.

This show covers some formative moments in my journey, my struggles with sales, and some of my biggest takeaways from these businesses.

Listen for 3 common themes:

  1. Start with something small.
  2. Charge more.
  3. Ask for the sale.

If you have a “first sale” story, please share it in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “68: How I Got My First Sale in 6 Different Businesses”

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast. I also agree the key is to just get out there and try something. You will learn what works and downs and this will be most valuable in your next business venture. and also you can see that nost enterprenuers try multiple businesses to become successful. Thank you!

  2. I do have a “first sale” story. I started freelancing on Elance and every time I bid for a job, I would put up a very generic bid. Well, after reading a little bit I decided to change my approach. I made my bids personal. I told clients they could expect top-notch work and I asked them when they would like the work done by.

    Just by changing my approach of not simply cutting and pasting bids that went like “I will do this job for you, blah, blah, blah”. I wrote as if the person was sitting across the table from me and got personable.

    That changed everything.

  3. This is my first time here and I’m in love with this content! Keep up the great work!

    I flipped car parts in high school. It started when my friend needed money. I offered to buy a part off his modified car for $100 (wideband o2 setup) when I knew I could sell it for $300. He needed money fast so we made a deal. He was aware of the hit he was taking. Cash is king.


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