36: A Job-Killing Membership Business Around Your Passion

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Melissa Witmer runs UltyResults.com, a strength and conditioning membership site for ultimate frisbee players that generates a full-time income. In episode 36 of The Side Hustle Show, learn how she took the concept from idea to side hustle to full-time business and how you can replicate her success.

A big thank you to David from ThePowerofPartTime.tv for the introduction!

Melissa was a former adjunct professor who combined her love of ultimate frisbee with her master’s degrees in Kinesiology and Chemistry to create a leading fitness resource for her fellow ultimate players.

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  • Why she took a long-term view of the business.
  • The books she read to get in the right mindset to build a meaningful and valuable business (not a blog).
  • How her first monetization attempts didn’t really resonate with her readers.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at her marketing and promotion efforts.
  • How an auto-responder sequence can fill your sales funnel.
  • The tools and software she used to build the site.
  • Melissa’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

The Links:

Pretty sweet, right? If you were to start a membership site, what topic would it be about? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “36: A Job-Killing Membership Business Around Your Passion”

  1. Loving your show. I’ve had a side hustle virtual assistant business for 10+ years. People think I should quit but the outside job pays the health insurance. In the near future I’d love to build a membership around retirees.


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