57: How to Launch, Grow, and Scale a Speaking Business

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What do you do when your side hustle demands being available (and even traveling) during normal business hours?

It’s a challenge that a lot of us are facing and this week on The Side Hustle Show my guest shares is unique way to get around it and build a successful business.

Grant Baldwin is a youth motivational speaker and host of the “How Did You Get Into That?” podcast.

We talk about how entrepreneurs can hustle their way into new income streams while working day jobs following Grant’s formula. He’s got an awesome story to tell about building a business that fits your lifestyle and the tactics he used to make it happen.

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  • How Grant landed his first paid speaking gig while still working, and how much he earned. (And why it brought him to tears.)
  • His proactive email outreach strategy for getting new engagements.
  • The importance of a demo video, not just for speaking gigs but other businesses as well.
  • How to leverage one gig into getting more and more — how success snowballs into more success.
  • Grant’s 3-tiered pricing strategy that lets clients choose a budget they’re comfortable with and maximizes income.
  • How he upsells additional services.
  • His strategy to “scale” the business and re-purpose his material into other products and services.
  • Grant’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


What do you think? I think this conversation is priceless information for aspiring speakers, but actually has a ton of useful stuff that can be applied to other side hustle business models too.

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