383: LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn

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Helen Pritchard

Note: Click here to download Helen’s top tips for attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn from this episode.

Would 10 new clients solve all your business worries?

That was the position Helen Pritchard was in back in 2008.

On the back of a financial and personal crisis, Helen needed 10 clients paying £250 each to pay her bills.

She turned to LinkedIn to find those clients, and it didn’t take her long.

Since then, Helen has pivoted her business and now teaches other people how to get clients and grow their business using LinkedIn.

In fact, I found out about Helen through a listener of the show:

I do not work for Helen. Nor do I do her PR. I just want to nominate her because she changed my life. Thanks to her, I have filled my client roster and have more money coming in as an entrepreneur than I ever did working for someone else.

That’s an awesome testimonial for Helen, and solid proof that her methods work.

If your goal is to leave your job in the near future, you don’t want to miss this one. What Helen teaches is probably the fastest way to start your own business with the least upfront expense.

Tune in to hear Helen talk through:

  • the processes she teaches students on her LinkedIn mastermind
  • how to set up your LinkedIn profile as a landing page that converts
  • how to connect with potential clients
  • and more

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Helen’s top tips for attracting your ideal clients on LinkedIn from this episode.

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  • Why Helen turned to LinkedIn to build her business in the first place.
  • How she quickly found the 10 clients she needed at the time.
  • Why Helen says that LinkedIn works for everyone when you know how to use it.
  • How you can design your profile page to attract clients.
  • The tips she shares to find as many clients as you need.
  • What a good content strategy looks like on LinkedIn.
  • What’s next for Helen.
  • Helen’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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13 thoughts on “383: LinkedIn Lead Generation: How to Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn”

  1. This was really an awesome episode. So applicable and love that Helen is opinionated. It makes her advice so efficient!

  2. Great episode! I did have a question would you create a separate LinkedIn profile from your corporate profile? Really enjoyed this episode, thanks Nick!

  3. I was disappointed with this episode. Helen talked a lot but said very little. It would be a good idea to have future guests provide verifiable track record of some sort prior to scheduling them on an episode. This seemed to be mostly a pitch for another “Info Product” or Coaching / Mastermind Group from a guest whose primary skill or expertise is pitching this Info Product or Coaching / Mastermind Group.

    Like many Linkedin Users I already see more than enough Spam Content on Linkedin and receive more than enough Spam from people on Linkedin who should not be contacting me.

    Also, you might want to check the IP addresses of positive commenters above who coincidentally may be located in the same town in the UK as the Guest.

  4. Best episode I’ve heard this year on any biz show Nick. Thanks – I love her message about all the BS funnels. Too much action equals chaos. The web allows us to try too many things and we give up when we get overwhelmed with those choices.

    Helen’s simple approach was a breath of fresh air! Thanks for all you do Nick – been catching up on your stuff after not listening for a few years. You are an grinder! Keep it up.

  5. Nick. This was perfect timing! I’ve been putting lots of energy for blogworks.com on linkedin and getting pretty amazing results. But Helen’s advice is what I should have started with!


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