164: $4k a Month within 6 Months: Marketing and Growing a Freelance Side Hustle, with Gina Horkey

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Note: Click here to download Gina’s top freelance marketing and growth tips.

Gina Horkey has come highly recommended by a number of listeners, and I’ve seen her work what seems like “all over the Internet” for the past couple years so I’m excited to finally connect and bring her on the show.

She’s a freelance writer extraordinaire, but also a virtual assistant, and someone who now helps others follow in her footsteps

Gina successfully built her freelance writing and virtual assistant business to be earning several thousand dollars a month; enough to quit her day job and go full-time.

In this call, we chat pinpointing a service you can offer, finding your first clients, pricing your services, and growing the business and expanding into more time-leveraged income streams.

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Click here to download Gina’s top freelance marketing and growth tips.

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  • The random way Gina decided to start her freelancing business.
  • How she landed her first client.
  • The “job board” strategy and her accidental Elance hack.
  • How she prices her services.
  • Her cold pitch tactics to reach new customers.
  • How she’s grown her own audience and the new side income stream that isn’t directly tied to her time.
  • Gina’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.



I recorded this session with Melinda Chen from WomenMakingBigSales.com. She shares some additional insights on why and how to target large companies as a solo entrepreneur.

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Gina’s top freelance marketing and growth tips.

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13 thoughts on “164: $4k a Month within 6 Months: Marketing and Growing a Freelance Side Hustle, with Gina Horkey”

  1. Marketing yourself effectively is key when you’re a freelancer. When you market correctly your side hustle can really bring you the best income because you work on your own time. The key to successful marketing is to do it often! Thank you for this great info, Gina.

  2. Thanks, I was looking into doing some free lance work. Almost gave up on it because the offers are too cheap. Just downloaded Gina’s book, hoping it will help.

  3. Awesome stuff Gina, great to listen to another DYFC member share her insights!

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. Great interview guys, thanks for sharing a tonne of value! My wife and I would like to take 6 months off next year to travel. I’m going to try and do my own productivity coaching to help support the travel, but I think working as a VA would be a great way for my wife to keep busy as well. She’s also keen on research. Gina, do you think there’s an opportunity to become a VA within the research niche? e.g. helping startups with product or industry research. Or looking at research within the fast moving consumer goods industry…

  5. Great interview Nick with Gina. I’m fairly new to the Side Hustle Nation family, 3 months or more now, and reading, researching, etc. on VA side hustle for myself. I’m an experienced paralegal & legal assistant with some previous medical background. I am strongly considering VA as a side hustle with my goal pushing to become full time from home. My question(s) for Gina or yourself, would be where and how’s the best place to quick start my side hustle? Also is there a need as a VA with my backgrounds? I have just downloaded Gina’s book. I’m also interested in her course on VA. Any other tips to jump start me in the right direction?


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