325: The Million Dollar Hobby: Monetize What You’re Already Interested In

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Note: Click here to download Marc’s top tips for turning a hobby into a profitable website from this episode.

Marc Andre made over $1.1 million dollars from his photography hobby.

But what’s interesting is that he never:

  • got paid to take pictures
  • sold any of his photos
  • held any photography workshops

So, what did he do instead?

He built and subsequently sold 3 websites related to photography – that sold digital products to other photographers.

His journey started in 2012. Marc wanted to upgrade from a point-and-shoot camera to a nice DSLR and some lenses but couldn’t justify the $5k price tag for the equipment.

Instead of settling for something else, Marc set himself a challenge to see if he could raise the $5k starting a photography-related side hustle.

Things escalated quickly, from starting a site to creating digital products, he made that $5k in a few months.

Marc carried on scaling his business, creating more products, starting two more photography-related sites, and over the next 6 years pulled in more than a million dollars in revenue.

What hobbies do you have that could make money?

Tune in to hear Marc’s unique process for starting and growing sites, why he decided to create products before having an audience to sell to, how he used sites that already had traffic to drive sales, and how he scaled up his business to more than a million dollars in revenue in such a short space of time.

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million dollar hobby

Click here to download Marc’s top tips for turning a hobby into a profitable website from this episode.

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  • Why Marc decided to make a photography-related website.
  • Why he decided to make products before having an audience.
  • The tactics he used to lever other people’s audiences to sell to.
  • Why he created another two sites in the same niche instead of doubling down on his main site.
  • The tactics he used to grow his organic traffic and drive more sales.
  • The unusual methods he used to find graphic designers to help make his products.
  • Why he decided to sell his photography sites.
  • Marc’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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