215: How to Quickly Build an Online Business Without an Audience

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Note: Click here to download Mark and Roman’s online business quick-start marketing tips from this episode.

Mark Wills is a professional notary public loan signing agent. It’s something he started doing as a side hustle that eventually turned into a full-time business.

While his friend Roman Rosario was between startups, Mark showed him how to do loan signings to make extra money.

Loan signing agents are the people who walk you through the final paperwork when you are buying or refinancing a home. The signing agent is required to make sure you understand all the paperwork, answer any questions you have, and sign off the documents.

These appointments take around 1-2 hours and the signing agent can earn anywhere between $75 and $200.

Mark’s system worked and Roman had his first signing — and his first payday — right away.

And that sparked an entirely new business idea. If Mark could teach him how to do this in just a few hours, he could probably teach others online as well.

Although Mark had no online or social media presence or audience to speak of, he and Roman set out to validate, create, and sell an online course teaching other people to do what he does. That became LoanSigningSystem.com (<– regular link; affiliate link).

Here’s our full Loan Signing System review.

Fast forward a year and the guys are making $4k a month selling their course. In this episode they talk you through the steps they took to validate their idea, how they built their course using content from free webinars, their marketing techniques, email responder series, and more.

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Click here to download Mark and Roman’s online course marketing tips from this episode.

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  • How Mark and Roman validated their idea for selling an online course with no audience.
  • How they set a date to produce a course after they had people sign up for it.
  • How they repurposed content from their live webinars for their course material.
  • How Mark set up his “YouTube Studio” for around $200 to produce professional looking videos.
  • How they set up their email responder series to convert readers into paying customers.
  • Mark and Roman’s #1 tips for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Mark and Roman’s top online business tips from this episode.

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  1. Loved this episode. Mark and Roman come off as sincere guys trying to grow their business while also helping others “help others”. Best of luck to them!

    • Hey Ricky, great question! We use an iphone 6 to record and another iphone 6 for the teleprompter. You can use an iphone (or any smartphone) or ipad for the teleprompter. There are also ones that you can connect a digital SLR as the recording device. But iphones work great to record on! I hope that helps!


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