201: The OPA Plan: How to Borrow Other People’s Audiences to Explode Your Sales

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In 2011, Joshua Lisec landed his first freelance gig–on Fiverr of all places. He said he wound up making $1.67 an hour from that job, but it sparked his entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, he’s gone from “dumpster-diving for clients” to consistently landing 4- and 5-figure contracts and earning $167 an hour on one recent project, effectively 100x-ing his hourly rate.

In addition to his main business of helping small businesses with their copywriting and marketing campaigns, Joshua now helps other freelancers crack the “consistent revenue code” at BeyondFreelance.com and with his Trusted Expert Asset method at BecomeTheGoToFreelancer.com. 

In this episode we take a deep dive into what I’ll call the OPA Plan: borrowing other people’s audiences to grow your business. Joshua approached local non-competing service providers (accounting firms, in his case), and asked if he could host a 1-hour workshop during a lunch break. 

Since it made the accountant look good to their clients (hey, we’re the hub that’s helping you solve your marketing challenges), they agreed. In just a couple months and a handful of short presentations, Joshua has already booked over $9000 worth of work from this tactic. 

Listen in to hear step-by-step how it works and how you can apply the same strategy in your business.

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Click here to download Joshua’s top tips from this episode.

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  • How Joshua landed $9k worth of work in an innovative way, without competing with dozens of other freelancers.
  • How he approached non-competing service providers with a win-win-win proposal.
  • How he was able to position himself as a trusted expert before he ever opened his mouth.
  • The “yes triggers” he put in his emails and his presentation to get people nodding along.
  • The Nuerolinguistics Programming strategy he used to get permission to pitch his services.
  • Joshua’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Joshua’s top tips from this episode.

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