197: Prioritization, Elimination, Automation, and Delegation for Side Hustle Nation: A Productivity Roundtable

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Note: Click here to download the panel’s top productivity tips from this episode.

This week’s episode was something a little different as I was joined by three of my favorite productivity podcasters, Erik Fisher from beyondthetodolist.com, Mike Vardy from productivityist.com, and Paul Minors from paulminors.com.

Combined they have more than 300 productivity-themed podcasts under their belts and represent 3 different countries! (USA, Canada, and New Zealand.)

Since getting the most out of our limited time is a ongoing struggle for side hustlers, I invited them on the show for a unique roundtable format to see what’s working today and what wisdom we can glean from their archives.

We covered how to prioritize and plan your workload daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. As well as how to deal with procrastination, covering various ways these productivity experts deal with procrastination themselves.

I asked them what tasks they have recently eliminated to free up more time, and how we can all eliminate some tasks in our own lives. They shared some interesting tips and hacks to help you manage your inbox. Such as setting up rules to automatically file emails, and why you should be hitting that “unsubscribe” button to any emails that are not giving you value.

We looked at some of their favorite productivity tools and some really cool ways they have found to automate some of their repetitive tasks. As well as covering when it’s time to start delegating and outsourcing tasks to free up more of your own time and turn up your productivity even more.

This episode is packed with actionable tips and information to help you become a more productive person, tune in to hear these three productivity experts talking through all of the above, and more.

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Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:


Click here to download the panel’s top productivity tips from this episode.

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  • Tips, tricks, and hacks from three productivity experts to help you become more productive.
  • The tools they are using to systemize and speed up their workload.
  • How to prioritize and plan your day, week, month, and year ahead.
  • How to use Mike’s The NOW Year method to increase productivity.
  • How and why the Miracle Morning may or may not be suitable for you.
  • How Mike and Erik beat procrastination.
  • How to eliminate tasks to increase your own productivity.
  • How Paul set up an automation process to rename and file invoices that hit his inbox.
  • How Mike decided which tasks to delegate using Chris Ducker’s “3 Lists to Freedom” method.
  • My current virtual assistant set-up.
  • Erik, Mike, and Paul’s #1 tips for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download the panel’s top productivity tips from this episode.

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5 thoughts on “197: Prioritization, Elimination, Automation, and Delegation for Side Hustle Nation: A Productivity Roundtable”

  1. I really need to give this one a listen. I have been holding off on getting a VA because I am a cheapskate at heart, but it sounds like I really need to take the leap if I am going to take my business to the next level.

    The Miracle Morning topic really caught my eye. I find that I am most productive in the mornings, so maybe I need to focus on really front-end-loading that up!

  2. It’s not irony to be listening to a 50 min podcast about productivity if you’re doing chores at the same time! :)

    I just looked over the pdf transcript and I didn’t notice mentions of any apps. I use Google Keep for my notes (I’ve tried a bunch incl Evernote, Asana, but this worked better for me) – it’s very minimalistic and easy to access on your phone.

    I’ve got an infographic (and soon a guide!) on my blog (link is in my name) about Google Keep.

    Thanks for sharing, Nick!

    Your Internet Neighbor from your hometown :)


  3. I love every episode you put out, but this one inspired me to change up my goal-setting norms and move from a yearly to quarterly focus. I’m very excited to see how this goes!
    I wrote about this change in my blog post titled What Do You Want to Achieve Before 2017? and included a link to these shownotes for my readers to check out your podcast!
    Thanks for all the great content you create!


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