155: How to Drive Viral Traffic From Reddit

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Note: Click here to download Brian’s top Reddit marketing tips.

You’ve heard the stories of websites and businesses “going viral” on Reddit and other social platforms, but there’s an art and a science to it.

To me, Reddit is kind of an intimidating place. I’ve never spent much time there, but I have an appreciation for it’s potential as a networking and marketing channel.

After all, it’s the 9th most popular site in the US and 32nd most popular site in the world.

My guest this week, Brian Swichkow, is a viral marketing pro, having achieved outsize results on several different projects, such as:

  • Building his ex-fiancé’s dog a YouTube channel with 6,500 subscribers and 2M+ views.
  • Breaking a server when he launched his blog with 450K pageviews in the first 72 hours.
  • Making a girl on Tinder world famous with 25 million impressions in under 72 hours.
  • Creating “most absurd email to give in bar” with 11K pageviews in the first 30 minutes.

Having one viral hit could be considered a lucky fluke, but to be able to do it again and again, and you start to recognize a repeatable, learnable pattern.

That’s what listeners can look forward to in this episode; how you can apply Brian’s tactics to your own side hustle to get more visitors, leads, and customers.

Long-time listeners of the show will remember Brian from WAY back in The Side Hustle Show archives from episode 23 in 2013.

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viral traffic from reddit

Click here to download Brian’s top Reddit marketing tips.

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  • How to embed yourself in relevant Reddit communities.
  • The fine line between tasteful self-promotion and outright spam.
  • The ways smart marketers and freelancers are using Reddit to drive traffic and generate leads.
  • The differences between “brand platforms” (like Facebook) and “community platforms” like Reddit.
  • The types of content that perform best on community platforms.
  • Brian’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Brian’s top Reddit marketing tips.


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  1. Viral concept was black spot I read about it and didn’t understood what it is, finally your blog helped me to understand. Thanks


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