65: How to Reverse Engineer Your Blog to Get Paying Clients (and 10x Your Hourly Rate)

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Corrina Gordon-Barnes is a sought-after coach and mentor, and today she shares with Side Hustle Nation exactly how she built her business from the ground up.

(And how she increased her hourly rate from roughly $40 an hour to over $400 an hour!)

There are some surprising turns and some eye-opening responses in this one, as I ask Corrina about how she prices her services, how she landed her first clients, how she’s scaling her business, and how she made blogging work as an effective marketing channel.

Corrina blogs at YouInspireMe.co.uk and is the author of Turn Your Passion To Profit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Business Off the Ground.

We originally connected through the Work Smarter book project — Corrina was named as one of the contributors and I thought her story would be a good one to share.

Her journey is an impressive one, from quitting the safety of her job to the confidence to start out on her own. She’s invested in herself and her business, and it’s paid off very well. But it was a process, not an overnight success.

Ready to start a blog of your own? Here’s how to get it done.

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  • How Corrina went from £25 an hour to £250 per hour.
  • What coaches provide when they “really don’t have the answers.”
  • How Corrina built her business by blogging.
  • How to “reverse engineer” your blog and blog content around what you’re selling or plan on selling.
  • Her transition from one-to-one client relationships to one-to-many.
  • How she created her course from the common questions and road blocks her clients faced.
  • How she created her book from the modules in her course.
  • Corrina’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


What do you think of Corrina’s framework? Do you think you could replicate her success and be earning $400+ per hour in 10 years?

It’s such an impressive success story, I think we can all learn from her methods.

Ready to start a blog of your own? Here’s how to get it done.

Free PDF Download:

How to “reverse engineer” your blog posts to sell.

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1 thought on “65: How to Reverse Engineer Your Blog to Get Paying Clients (and 10x Your Hourly Rate)”

  1. Thanks for another great podcast Nick. It’s really inspiring to hear what Corrina has achieved through following her talents, a commitment to learning and plenty of hard work.

    It’s crucial not to undervalue your time. And Corrina’s analogy about increasing your hourly rate like a pregnant woman’s dress size really helps to reduce the pressure from your time.

    Over ten years, I think many people could replicate her success if only they allowed themselves to believe in the strength of their skills. Ultimately, both issues come down to confidence in yourself and your abilities.


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