270: The 6-Figure a Month “Funnel”: How to Systemize Your Business with Marketing Automation

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Note: Click here to download Greg’s top tips for creating marketing automation processes and sales funnels from this episode.

How would you like to add thousands of dollars a month to your bottom line, on autopilot?

Sounds pretty good, right?

Greg Hickman of System.ly has achieved this for his own 6-figure a month business and does the same for his clients using marketing automation and effective sales funnels.

If you’re wondering what marketing automation is, in Greg’s own words it’s, “How to use technology to enable your sales and marketing and fulfillment strategy.”

Greg is a master in the art of offering compelling lead magnets to attract potential customers, setting up onboarding sequences and follow-up emails to keep them interested, and converting them into paying customers.

The best part is that it doesn’t need to be complicated as his own simple 4-step formula from Facebook ad to paying customer proves. Plus, when your marketing automation sequence is set up it runs itself bringing in new clients all year round.

Tune in to hear the types of lead magnets and sales strategies Greg sees working today, the questions you have to ask yourself before writing any email sequence, and how he communicates with prospects on an ongoing basis.

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Click here to download Greg’s top tips for creating marketing automation processes and sales funnels from this episode.

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  • How to build a high converting lead magnet.
  • How Greg uses pre-recorded webinars as an acquisition and conversion tool.
  • How to build onboarding sequences and communicate with “pre-customers” on an ongoing basis.
  • Why you should be cleansing your email list.
  • At what point you should start looking into implementing marketing automation into your business.
  • Greg’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


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7 thoughts on “270: The 6-Figure a Month “Funnel”: How to Systemize Your Business with Marketing Automation”

  1. Thanks for this episode Nick and Greg. I’ve been doing some experimenting with Facebook ads recently for selling digital products so some of the things covered here are very relevant for my situation. I like Greg’s approach of keeping the funnel simple. Things usually tend to get more complicated than I originally intended, so simplicity is always welcomed.

  2. Hey, thanks to Nick and Greg for an awesome episode! I feel like I learned like 20 new things.

    One question I had for Greg was about everything in your sales funnel directing to your product. I can definitely see how that works if you have an existing product.

    However, I have a relatively new blog, don’t have a product, and I’m still testing content to see what resonates with my audience. I have some product ideas, but I think I’m a bit early to start creating anything (or maybe I’m not?)

    I’m curious if you had any tips on how to determine what the right product is for your audience.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Jessica, sorry for the delay. In my opinion here are two pieces of advice that I heavily disagree with that most people in your situation are told to follow.

      1) “Follow your passion” – IMHO you’ll waste tons of time waiting vs figuring it out by actually starting.

      2) “Build an audience and see what they want” – Again, IMHO, most people don’t even know what they want. Instead of building a product/course first you should offer a service. That’s why all of our clients start with service in a productized way.You can build revenue quickly and start re-investing in yourself.

      We personally got to $25k/month with a business name, a website and less than 500 on our email list.

      So, instead of not having a product cuz your blog is young, go out and actually serve someone. I’m sure you have skills and expertise that people need in some way shape or form. Go do the actually work for a few months and figure out the real pains while getting paid.

      Then, if the problem is big enough consider the next step in scale which “could” be a product/course although I still would say scale the service bigger. :)

      Happy to chat in more detail. :)


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