262: The Most Common Website Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

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Note: Click here to download Anthony’s top tips for optimizing your WordPress site.

Is your website guilty of these common sins? How secure is your site, really?

WordPress is like the new toy you unwrap on Christmas morning — you know it’s going to be awesome, but there’s some assembly required.

To break down some of the most common website mistakes, I invited my friend Anthony Tran on the show.

Anthony runs MarketingAccessPass.com, a web design and development agency, as well as AccessWP.com, a WordPress support company offering unlimited support for a low monthly subscription.

(Get $20 off your first month of Access WP through my affiliate link)

With years of experience building websites for himself and for clients, he definitely knows his stuff.

In this episode, we walk through how you can tighten up the security of your site, speed up your load times, and some quick changes that’ll improve your SEO and user experience.

Whether you’re new to WordPress or have been blogging for years, I think you’ll take something away from this episode as Anthony shares his tips, tools, and best practices from years of working online for himself and for clients.

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Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Anthony’s top tips for optimizing your WordPress site.

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  • The common and costly mistakes new WordPress users make and how to avoid them.
  • How to tighten up security on your site.
  • Why you should be backing up your site periodically.
  • The importance of SSL certificates.
  • How to change permalinks, pingbacks, and make other site structure adjustments.
  • Some tips to improve your site speed.
  • The plugins Anthony recommends and uses himself.
  • Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Anthony’s #1 tis for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Anthony’s top tips for optimizing your WordPress site.

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4 thoughts on “262: The Most Common Website Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)”

  1. I love TinyPNG and have been using it for a while – can’t recommend it enough! Apparently they have a full-blown WP plugin too that I have yet to check out.

    I’m looking forward to checking out “Revive Old Post” too.

  2. I was able to decrease page load times by 25% just by deleting plugins and themes. I’m sitting down in front of the computer now with the show notes open and moving on down the list of tips. Thanks!

  3. Indeed a great list of common WordPress security mistakes.

    A couple of days back I faced a situation where there was some unwanted ads being displayed on my blog and that was something I did not install. When inspected I found that there was a lot of unwanted codes that were injected into the WordPress theme files and other main files.

    On further inspection I found out the following 3 things which were the reasons for this:

    1). Not updating the other WordPress installation, plugins and themes that are being run from the same hosting account if you are using a shared hosting
    2). Optimizepress 1.0 is known to have a security issue and they have released an update to it. This doesn’t update in the normal updates from your wordpress dashboard. You might want to update it manually, if you haven’t done it yet.

    3). Not Cleaning and optimizing your database periodically

    4). Leaving the default themes like twentyeleven etc. as it is and not updating them. This primarily happens if you are using a different theme and these default themes just remain there.

    5). Not uninstalling plugins that haven’t been updated for a long time by its creators.

    These are prone to attacks. A couple of solutions that I found was installing plugin like Wordfence or, Bullet Proof Security or, Better WP security.


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