207: How to Use Video and YouTube to Grow Your Business

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Note: Click here to download Thomas’ top YouTube tips from this episode.

Thomas Frank is the College Info Geek and you can find him at collegeinfogeek.com.

Thomas also has a podcast, and a YouTube channel with an impressive following of over 400,000 subscribers and over 14 million views!

Thomas’ blogging journey started back in 2010 when he applied to join a team of writers working on a blog in the college/student niche – but he was unsuccessful. He decided to publish his post on his own site, started introducing different forms of multimedia over the years, and stumbled across a love for producing entertaining YouTube videos.

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“There wasn’t a whole lot of really compelling content for how to study, how to take tests, how to read text books, all the kinds of questions students were asking me about as a blogger,” Thomas told me.

This was an open door for him to produce high-quality informational videos in his niche and provide the kind of content his audience wanted. Although he didn’t consider himself a “YouTuber” at first, the popularity of his videos has helped grow his business significantly.

Tune in to hear how Thomas grew his YouTube channel to 400k subscribers in 2.5 years. He shares his marketing hacks, tips he used to write more compelling titles that perform well in YouTube’s search algorithm and attracts more clicks, and how he developed a lead magnet that not only attracts email subscribers but earns decent revenue too.

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Click here to download Thomas’ top YouTube tips from this episode.

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  • How Thomas grew his YouTube channel to more than 400k subscribers in 2.5 years.
  • How he creates compelling content and has seen his videos attract more than 14 million views.
  • How he built his email list to more than 100k subscribers with a lead magnet that also generates an income.
  • How he drew inspiration from different YouTube channels to create awesome videos.
  • The different marketing methods he uses to attract more views to his YouTube videos, including how he drove traffic from Reddit in a non-spammy way.
  • How to write compelling titles and attract more clicks.
  • How to keyword optimize your videos and hack the YouTube search algorithm.
  • The several different income streams generated through his blog and podcast as well as his YouTube channel.
  • Thomas’ #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Thomas’ top YouTube tips from this episode.

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3 thoughts on “207: How to Use Video and YouTube to Grow Your Business”

  1. Helpful and recent but YTube is a moving target, but great to build a following on if you are comfie in front of camera. One thing I dissageree with- the “tags” of videos are important-they help in search ranking-not just for advertisers- they help YT know what your video is about. Also longer description does help.
    I am in the holistic, woo-woo area and I’ve studied SEO for years ranking my websites over time, I help sim biz owners improve SEO on their sites so this was helpful for me as I also use YT for growing my business.


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