121: An Engineer’s Approach to Building a $1500 per Month Side Hustle

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Tim Johnson is a man of many hustles. In fact, when he applied for my Inner Circle Mastermind last year, I had a hard time keeping them all straight.

Between his day job as a product engineer, his awesome self-publishing business, his Amazon FBA activities, and an upcoming brick-and-mortar project — and twin 2 year old boys — there’s no doubt he’s keeping busy!

On this call, we focus on his book business, which is actually in a sub-niche of the Children’s book genre. As someone who’s always loved kids and had an interest in languages, Tim writes a series of dual-language children’s books that are available in English paired with 10 other languages.

This side hustle has earned a consistent $1000-1500 a month in author royalties, and you can follow along with the adventures of Bosley the Bear here.

Listen in for Tim’s 5-step system for creating a new product, and why he considers books products as well.

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Click here to download Tim’s top publishing and product launch tips.

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  • How Tim’s book series actually started as an Amazon affiliate site, but he saw a hole in the market.
  • How he set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the first book.
  • Why having a paperback version is so important in the children’s genre.
  • Where he found his illustrator, and how much it cost.
  • Why Tim doesn’t sell directly through CreateSpace, even though he could earn a higher royalty percentage.
  • His 5-step system to create and launch a new product. (And yes, books ARE products!)
  • The most effective marketing tactics to move units.
  • Some bulk-sales strategies to sell a lot of books all at once.
  • Tim’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

The 5-Steps:

  1. Value Definition
  2. Product Creation (to fill a market gap)
  3. Determining Features, Benefits, and Benefits of the Benefits
  4. Marketing Pre-Launch
  5. Launch/Growth/Scale

benefits of benefits


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Tim’s top publishing and product launch tips.

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