32: How to Build a High-Value Membership Site for Recurring Revenue

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A subscription-based business is a beautiful thing, because you have a predictable recurring revenue stream you can grow over time.

Online, one of the most popular subscription business models is a membership site, where customers pay for exclusive content, exclusive networking, and exclusive access to you, the site owner.

In episode 32 of The Side Hustle Show, Jonathan Milligan from BloggingYourPassion.com shows us how to build a profitable membership site on top of your blog.

Jonathan drops a TON of knowledge in this one. I was talking notes like a crazy person trying to keep up.

This is perfect for anyone with a blog or growing platform online who’s looking for a smart additional way to monetize and build a higher level of engagement.

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  • What kind of content you can put inside your membership site.
  • Jonathan’s “launch sequence” that sold out his initial 50 spots in 48 hours, and earned $1000!
  • How to target your post likely potential members.
  • One super-smart way to seed the initial engagement inside your membership site. (No one wants to be pay to be part of a ghost town!)
  • The software Jonathan uses to run Blogging Your Passion University.
  • How to keep members “inside the walls.”
  • How to grow the membership without alienating the existing members.
  • How to keep the retention rate high.
  • Jonathan’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


If you liked this episode, be sure to hit up Jonathan on his blog or on twitter to let him know!

Are you involved in any membership sites? What do you like/dislike about them?

Are you running one of your own? Let me know!

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21 thoughts on “32: How to Build a High-Value Membership Site for Recurring Revenue”

  1. Great interview!
    Jonathan is the best!! I am a big fan of blogging your passion and actually joined his univeristy site several weeks ago to help me with my blog.

    Nick I actually learned about you from when you were on Blogging Your Passion podcast talking about Virtual Assistant Assistant, which also lead me to SHN.

    Keep up the good work!


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