43: Building a 6-Figure Blog from Scratch, with Pat Flynn

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In Episode 43 of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Pat Flynn from ChroniclesOfStrength.com, one of the leading sites on “fitness minimalism.”

Pat is a kettlebell enthusiast who shares exactly how he built his blog from a side hustle hobby in college into a thriving business with multiple revenue streams.

We talk how to generate traffic and email subscribers, how to craft viral facebook posts, and how to sell products, services, and subscriptions through your site.

This is a good one!

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Alex Genadinik of Problemio.com (and episode 3 of The Side Hustle Show).

Alex has added a couple powerful business books to his suite of smartphone apps, and his marketing suggestions helped increase the exposure of this podcast 20% in just a couple months!

Learn more here.


  • Why he dropped out of college with 3 credits left to focus on the business full-time.
  • His super-effective strategy for driving traffic and building an email list. (How he got his name “out there” in a couple hours a day.)
  • How Pat re-purposed blog content to create his first product.
  • How his “Inner Circle” newsletter is a $10,000 per month business, all on its own.
  • He he decides what information to sell and what to give away for free.
  • How he scored 2 book deals from his blog.
  • Pat’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


During the call, Pat talks about the 80/20 rule of fitness, but how it also applies to marketing and business. Which of your side hustle efforts are delivering the most results? What action can you take today that will have the most bang for your buck?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

Boom — gotta get in my kettlebell swings!

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4 thoughts on “43: Building a 6-Figure Blog from Scratch, with Pat Flynn”

  1. Ohhhkay, this about is the OTHER Pat Flynn :)
    Sounds interesting. My wife loves kettle bells, so I’ll definitely give this a listen.

    • Yeah we joke about that during the call, that he’s EASILY the 2nd most well-known Pat Flynn online :)

      Still, I think he brings a ton of value to the call so definitely worth a listen.

  2. Nick this was a great interview. Great to hear some of the lessons that Pat learned along the way… Plus I will probably buy the 9 minute workout program!


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